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Kaladesh Set Review

Little later than I would like, but here is our set review for Kaladesh. All prices taken from TCGPlayer's Market Price on 9/28/16. Also, no Magic Monies this week. Consider the set review your candy this week. Expect a pretty through Magic Monies next week.

Held Packages: Armsday Rolls week 55

I'm back! The weapons all being the same for the past 54 weeks gave me a feeling of monotony towards writing these articles. But the new expansion is here! That means all new weapons, right? Currently the Destiny servers aren't displaying vendor info and none of the third party websites I use are functioning so I have no idea if there are new weapons or not. Since apparently API calls aren't being answered at this time the server is probably down or under maintenance and I am left to assume then that anyone who is not at work is currently in game buying up all the new Rise of Iron Weapon packages, right? Right?! Well there are some of the old guns worth talking about still.

BQBL 2016-2017: Week 2

This is the week where I get to show Rean what a true terrible quarterback looks like. Full statline of crap. This is also the week which two separate teams get dropped down to their 3rd string QB, so I look forward to next week's goodness.

BQBL 2016-2017: Week 1

So, the plan going on is to hopefully post up this article regularly on Wednesday. I forgot this last night. I'm traveling, cut me some slack. So for it today, you get this article on Thursday. AND NOW BEGINS THE FIRST WEEK OF BQBL!!!!!!!

Magic Monies - 9/9/16

Not too much to talk about this week. We are prepping up for rotation so now is a fairly typical lull in the MTG finance world until the spoilers really start to cause some havoc. Hopefully the real fun can start next week.

Destiny Fire Sale - 9/9/16

APIs are all busted with the new patch so no tower rolls. Along with that, changes have been made to the tier bonuses on Dis/Str/Int in order to accommodate the higher light levels incoming. So what was T12 yesterday, is no longer T12 (At least until you get the gear up to the new max light level I would assume). We'll see next week if the API's are up.