Magic Monies - 9/16/16

I'm going to be quick here. Out on travel.

Weekly Risers

[mtg_card]Shepherd of Rot[/mtg_card]  Planechase$2.37$0.40492.50%
[mtg_card]Brushland[/mtg_card]  Fifth Edition$21.99$11.7587.20%
[mtg_card]Dwarven Recruiter[/mtg_card]  Odyssey$3.00$1.6977.50%
[mtg_card]Treachery[/mtg_card] (*)  Urza's Destiny$28.00$16.0474.60%
[mtg_card]Life from the Loam[/mtg_card]  RavnicaX$84.50$48.9872.50%
[mtg_card]Brushland[/mtg_card]  7th Edition$17.99$11.1062.10%
[mtg_card]Statecraft[/mtg_card]  Mercadian Masques$3.15$2.1943.80%
[mtg_card]Platinum Emperion[/mtg_card]  Scars of MirrodinX$35.99$25.2542.50%
[mtg_card]Engineered Explosives[/mtg_card]  Modern MastersX$84.99$60.0041.70%
[mtg_card]Brushland[/mtg_card]  Ice Age$13.95$10.0139.40%
[mtg_card]Bloodbraid Elf[/mtg_card]  Alara RebornX$12.50$9.0937.50%
[mtg_card]Grave Titan[/mtg_card]  Magic 2011 (M11)X$14.20$10.3437.30%
[mtg_card]Windborn Muse[/mtg_card]  LegionsX$5.99$4.3936.50%
[mtg_card]Selvala, Heart of the Wilds[/mtg_card]  Conspiracy: Take the Crown$12.23$8.9736.30%
[mtg_card]Killer Bees[/mtg_card]  Legends$17.34$13.0732.70%
[mtg_card]Wheel of Fortune[/mtg_card] (*)  Revised Edition$38.95$29.6631.30%
[mtg_card]Brushland[/mtg_card]  Classic Sixth Edition$11.72$9.2027.40%
[mtg_card]Indomitable Ancients[/mtg_card]  MorningtideX$7.55$5.9826.30%
[mtg_card]Reshape[/mtg_card]  DarksteelX$10.99$8.7925.00%
[mtg_card]Anger of the Gods[/mtg_card]  TherosX$17.99$14.5024.10%
[mtg_card]Leyline of Punishment[/mtg_card]  Magic 2011 (M11)X$8.67$6.9924.00%
[mtg_card]Collective Brutality[/mtg_card]  Eldritch MoonX$19.75$15.9523.80%
[mtg_card]Sleight of Hand[/mtg_card]  7th EditionX$32.00$25.9423.40%
[mtg_card]Urza's Power Plant[/mtg_card] [Columns]  Antiquities$5.94$4.8722.00%
[mtg_card]Spell Snare[/mtg_card]  DissensionX$27.36$22.4621.80%
[mtg_card]Sulfurous Springs[/mtg_card]  7th EditionX$34.98$28.9520.80%
[mtg_card]Crawlspace[/mtg_card]  Urza's LegacyX$8.85$7.3320.70%
[mtg_card]Malignus[/mtg_card]  Avacyn RestoredX$5.59$4.6420.50%
[mtg_card]Tainted Aether[/mtg_card]  Urza's Saga$2.37$1.9720.30%


Weekly Fallers

[mtg_card]Leyline of the Void[/mtg_card]  GuildpactX$73.27$172.63-57.60%
[mtg_card]Noxious Gearhulk[/mtg_card]  Kaladesh$5.38$10.42-48.40%
[mtg_card]Tainted Aether[/mtg_card]  7th EditionX$36.59$59.99-39.00%
[mtg_card]Obstinate Baloth[/mtg_card]  Magic 2011 (M11)X$24.26$39.17-38.10%
[mtg_card]Pithing Needle[/mtg_card]  Saviors of KamigawaX$69.97$99.95-30.00%
[mtg_card]Adarkar Wastes[/mtg_card]  10th EditionX$28.00$38.49-27.30%
[mtg_card]Darkwater Catacombs[/mtg_card]  OdysseyX$9.64$13.15-26.70%
[mtg_card]Anowon, the Ruin Sage[/mtg_card]  WorldwakeX$6.53$8.79-25.70%
[mtg_card]Amulet of Vigor[/mtg_card]  WorldwakeX$22.87$29.99-23.70%
[mtg_card]Statecraft[/mtg_card]  Mercadian MasquesX$13.86$17.98-22.90%
[mtg_card]Deranged Hermit[/mtg_card] (*)  Urza's LegacyX$30.96$40.14-22.90%
[mtg_card]Rashmi, Eternities Crafter[/mtg_card]  Kaladesh$5.10$6.56-22.30%
[mtg_card]Mishra's Bauble[/mtg_card]  Coldsnap$24.99$31.99-21.90%
[mtg_card]Angel of Invention[/mtg_card]  Kaladesh$4.68$5.96-21.50%
[mtg_card]Narcomoeba[/mtg_card]  Modern MastersX$11.95$14.98-20.20%

(*) - Reserve list

Good Buys

I want everyone to take a moment to look at all the shiny Gearhulk mythic cycle cards in Kaladesh. Tell you what, here they are because I know you are lazy:

  • [mtg_card]Cataclysmic Gearhulk[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Torrential Gearhulk[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Noxious Gearhulk[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Combustible Gearhulk[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Verdurous Gearhulk[/mtg_card]

You know what card is standard legal and straight up broken with all of them? [mtg_card]Eldrazi Displacer[/mtg_card]. Get this card. It's going to get over $10. Maybe even $15. The rest of this article can wait. We all will be complaining about this for the next year.

Kaladesh Hype Results in...Lack of Play for Other Sets

These last few months have been quite cramped on the MTG release calendar. It barely feels like Eldritch Moon has even been out long enough for Standard to establish a consistent meta. But what I want to get at the since Eternal Masters was released in June, we have had 2 more sets along with another set release in the next couple weeks. Conspiracy 2 isn't even a month old and people are waiting to play Kaladesh. This means less packs are going to be opened of Eldritch Moon and Conspiracy 2. Less cards will be out in the marketplace to buy. This is about as low as we are going to see these cards for awhile. Much faster pace then we are typical accustom to.

Go buy the cards in these sets you want now, before they skyrocket. I would recommend the following (Ed Note: They aren't in the system yet, so highlighting them doesn't work at time of posting. Stop being lazy.):

Conspiracy 2

  • [mtg_card]Show and Tell[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Leovold, Emissary of Trest[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Inquisition of Kozilek[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Queen Marchesa[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Serum Visions[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Horn of Greed[/mtg_card]

So, I suspect none of these cards will be reprinted. Probably ever. Maybe [mtg_card]Serum Visions[/mtg_card], but since it was printed here, I have my doubts we will see it in Modern Masters 2017. Easy buys. If you are curious, not so high on [mtg_card]Berserk[/mtg_card]. It only gets play in one deck across pretty much all constructed formats including Commander.

[mtg_card]Horn of Greed[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]Serum Visions[/mtg_card], and [mtg_card]Inquisition of Kozilek[/mtg_card] are probably the real highlights here. Horn of Greed is an fun Commander card that is dirt cheap right now with the reprint. That shouldn't hold. Serum Visions and Inquisition of Kozilek are beyond Modern staples and the printing here shows future printings are unlikely.

Eldritch Moon

  • [mtg_card]Liliana, the Last Hope[/mtg_card] (*)

  • [mtg_card]Spell Queller[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Eldritch Evolution[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Selfless Spirit[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Collective Brutality[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Elder Deep-Fiend[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Bedlam Reveler[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Decimator of the Provinces[/mtg_card]

  • [mtg_card]Distended Mindbender[/mtg_card]

All of these card I would say are at the lowest we are going to see them over their duration in Standard. I put an asterisk by [mtg_card]Liliana, the Last Hope[/mtg_card] because the price will certainly crash hard at some point. There was never really a good entry point into this card. It's just such a powerful card in Standard right now that playing Black without it is a mistake. It's price is super inflated by this fact and it will not hold, particularly post-rotation. So I'd get in only if you need a set or plan on bailing out fast.

[mtg_card]Spell Queller[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Selfless Spirit[/mtg_card] are cards I have circled here. Both have been seeing Modern play so I doubt there is much risk to picking them up now, but seeing their current price, the ceiling may not be very high either. Low risk, low reward.

Also of note here are all the Emerge cards, [mtg_card]Elder Deep-Fiend[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]Decimator of the Provinces[/mtg_card], and [mtg_card]Distended Mindbender[/mtg_card]. They are some of the few cards that seemed to be close to competing with [mtg_card]Collected Company[/mtg_card]'s compulsive hold over Standard. Tells me that when Collected Company rotates out, these will probably be rulers of the new Standard. These cards are pretty cheap buys and should have high ceilings during Standard. May not get much play in Modern, but should see much play in Standard. So keep an eye out for good exit points here.

I'm pissed I made this so much longer than I wan