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Decks of the Week - 7/27/16

So it turns out that I got wacked with doing this week’s Decks of the Week article. I don’t mind. I’m not complaining. Not at all. I get to cover the Decks this Week that use the cool new cards from Eldritch Moon. Fun!

Magic Monies - 7/25/16

First weekend of a legal Eldritch Moon in Standard everybody! Means I have to talk a long time about cards that have completely broken all the things! Or not, based on the price increases. I guess I’ll just explain how TCGPlayer’s Market Price makes my job way easier.

Decks of the Week - 7/19/18

Hey everyone! An actual Decks of the Week article! Someone who won’t be named forgot to do one last week (or even tell me they wouldn’t) so I pass that blame onto them with zero shame. This week we play a few goblins, and eldrazi or two, and nice pile of dragons. No major events over last weekend, with prerelease and everything. So this week all the decks come from MTGO.

Held Packages: Week 45

"Wait, your just going to continue, business as usual, even though you missed doing armsday rolls last week?! Even though you missed deck of the week this week?!"

Why yes imaginary anonymous reader. Yes I am.

Magic Monies - 7/11/16

This week, we’re going to talk about the reserve list. We could have talked about Eldrich Moon spoils... but no, we need to have some of the most insane collections of buyouts in the history of Magic.

Destiny Fire Sale - 7/8/16

I have no idea what happened to our other weekly Destiny article. The writer has been kinda AFK all week. Anyway, a guaranteed max roll today people. Please click the link and give me views. /thumbsup.