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Magic Monies - 4/25/16

With this new week came a major event in Pro Tour. Pros were a brewing for this one. They came with all the spicy brews, and this made a significant impact on the pricing of cards. And with that, let’s begin.

Standard Shadows over Innistrad Decklist Analysis - Part 1

This will be a two part post, with myself taking the lead of Part 1 and tok taking Part 2. Before the SCG Open Baltimore we both wrote up three decklists we might think on playing for this rotation of Standard and will analyze our thoughts on them and how we would change them based on the result of the Open. So each of us came up with 3 decks, bounced ideas off each others before the tournament, and did so again after the tournament. So to start, here are my three decklists.

Decks of the Week - 4/12/16

So this week was SCG Baltimore, which had major events in Standard, Modern, and Legacy. Since it's a new rotation, most of the decks will focus on the quality and quantity of the decks played at the tournament over the brewtastic decks you find in your regular IQs.

Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease Trial with hidsnake

So I did a Shadow’s over Innistrad prerelease over the weekend with the hopes of getting myself back into some form of competitive Magic. I had totally forgotten that all prerelease events are Sealed Deck and immediately hated myself for going. I despise sealed. Easily the hardest limited format for deck construction. Team Sealed is even worse and drives me insane. Unlike draft, once you finish ripping packs you often find all of your cards are very evenly distributed by color, meaning between a sealed and draft deck your draft deck should beat your sealed deck every time. So long as you are a good drafter.

Anyway, enough ranting. Here are the notable cards in my pool:

Magic Monies - 4/4/16

I'll work on the format of this next time. I typically write it up in a Google doc before copying here. I recognize this didn't come out how I pleased, So I'll make an effort to clean it up next time.

An Intro to the hidsnake

So my name is hidsnake, aka David. I thought I'd do a quick intro to myself before putting up posts.

I will mostly do some on again/off again posting based on my very regularly fleeting personal tastes. That will consist mostly of Magic the Gathering and occasional competitive gaming (mostly shooters). I will openly admit that none of what I do will be consistent, but I will at least try for a time to do so. For now, I will post up an article on Magic finance on Mondays and top Magic decks getting play on Tuesdays. If I can suffer through it, I'll try to put up at least one more article a week related to Magic or Destiny for now, hopefully on Wednesdays.

If you want to catch me, we all sometimes regularly stream on Friday nights around 8PM with some Destiny and/or The Division. Don't complain about my potato Internets. For they are potato. You can follow me here for Twitch and/or Youtube.

I really don't ca…