BQBL 2016-2017: Week 1

So, the plan going on is to hopefully post up this article regularly on Wednesday. I forgot this last night. I'm traveling, cut me some slack. So for it today, you get this article on Thursday. AND NOW BEGINS THE FIRST WEEK OF BQBL!!!!!!!

This Week's Top 3:

3. Tyrod Taylor - Buffalo Bills: 72 points

The game(?) between Baltimore and Buffalo was horrible. Offensive yards didn't really happen. Taylor got punish pretty hard for this getting Nick Foles tier in passing yards and no TD bonus. That's 46 points right there. I'll cut him some slack. That division he plays in won't see this all season long. Also worth noting it's pretty rare to see a QB make to the Top 3 and not throw a single INT.


2. Robert Griffin - Cleveland Browns: 81 points

Well, guess this is the best we are going to get from the now injured RG3 for the rest of the season. As someone from the Baltimore/DC area, you can imagine my shocked face that he is both injured and made Top 3. RG3 managed to hit the no TD bonus as his biggest contributor and added on some general badness in pretty much all the QB stats.


1. Case Keenum - Los Angeles Rams: 148 points

Welp. Boom. Anyone who watched this game saw this one coming. He was legit Nick Foles bad. Hit the Nick Foles tier in 3 separate areas of passing yards, yards per pass, and QBR. It was bad. And the numbers don't even tell the whole story. This is a really good target to beat the rest of the year. Anyway Case Keenum, take your crown, you earned it. Somehow you are still starting over Jared Goff.

Team Fantasy Scores:

Vince Young Senpai
Trevor Siemian - 62 points
Alex Smith - 19 points
Carson Wentz - 12 points
Total - 93 points


Deep and True Hottaeks
Ryan Tannehill - 44 points
Jay Cutler - 43 points
(tie) Brock Oseiler/Blaine Gabbert - 34 point
Total - 121 points


It's only Week 1 Rean, don't think this will last. I will ride Siemian to victory.

Individual Scores Sheet

Team Fantasy Scores Sheet