BQBL 2016-2017: Week 2

This is the week where I get to show Rean what a true terrible quarterback looks like. Full statline of crap. This is also the week which two separate teams get dropped down to their 3rd string QB, so I look forward to next week's goodness.

This Week's Top 3:

3. Alex Smith - Kansas City Chiefs: 82 points

Somehow Alex Smith shows up this week in BQBL without even getting the Alex Smith Special Award for No Passes Over 25 Yards (c). This is blasphemy and I cannot mentally accept this as real. To make up for this, he had no TDs, dropped 2 fumbles and took almost 40 passes to get to under 200 yards. Now that's the Alex Smith I know and love. Keep bringing me them points. Oh, and he was sacked 4 times.


2. Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts: 108 points

SOUND THE HUNDRED POINT ALARM! I had seen that Luck dropped a glorious pick-6 for all the points, but what I didn't see until I started putting together the points sheet was that he also had a fumble returned for a touchdown. Two plays, 45 points. To add to this in Andrew Luck fashion, he was sacked 5 times. Lastly, he had a similar line to Alex Smith with under 200 yards in 40 pass attempts. Good for points in both passing yards and yards per attempt points.


1. Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 131 points

SOUND THE HUNDRED POINT ALARM! He threw 4 interceptions. That's how BQBL is done. Just throw picks all game long. Make one of these a pick-6 and add in a fumble, we have 60 points on turnovers alone. The  4 interceptions will also wreak a QBR and we had the makings of a beautiful BQBL score. The only thing missing was Crab Legs getting benched to take him over 150 points. But I'll take it and rub Rean's face in it.

Team Fantasy Scores:

Vince Young Senpai:
Jameis Winston - 131 points
Alex Smith - 82 points
Matt Stafford - 40 points

Week 2 Score - 253 points
Seasonal Total - 346 points


Deep and True Hottaeks:

Jay Cutler - 79 points
Blaine Gabbert - 66 points
Blake Bortles - 43 points

Week 2 Score - 183 points
Season Total - 304 points


Jake Cutler was giving me some worries last night. But nothing was going to beat Jameis Winston. Nothing. Having 2 from the top 3 every week will keep my very happy.

What To Watch in Week 3:

Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Brock Osweiler, who wouldn't be the backup on most of the teams in the league probably won't outplay the Pat's 3rd stringer. Whom, if he throws more than 25 passes I will be amazed. This game will be amazing for BQBL.

Cleveland Browns at Miami Dolphins
Two 0-2 teams meet up in what will probably be a dreadful game. Josh McCown is out for Cleveland and I have no idea who is next on list. Maybe they can pick up Jonny Manzeil from rehab. Over/under at 0.5 on times Ryan Tannehill makes fun of the opposing starter being from the practice squad. Actually, now that I made that joke, it will be even better if Cleveland's 3rd stringer beats the Dolphins and makes a callback to that in the postgame presser. That would be freaking glorious.

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
There are probably better games to pick than this, but I have to think the Dak Prescott hype train cannot last. At the same time, I can only imagine the hottaeks from Chicago against Jay Cutler...that are no different from all the hottaeks Chicago fans make about Jay Cutler every single season. /shrug

Individual Scores

Team Scores