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Destiny Fire Sale - 6/24/16

Two maxed out rolls this week. Patience and Time from Xur. That all this week. Now you don’t even need to open this link.

Top Rolls

Min %
Stat 1
Stat 2

Crucible Handler
Haliaetus II
Dis 55
Str 45
Combat Proprioceptor
Momentum Transfer
Pulse Rifle Loader

House of Judgment
Class Items
Kings' Mark
Dis 25
Int 35
Fusion Rifle Focus
Hand Cannon Focus
Vanguard Champion

Dead Orbit
Heliopause Plate
Int 86
Str 60
Pulse Rifle Ammo
Shotgun Ammo
Void Armor/Recovery

Dead Orbit
Heliopause Mask
Int 65
Str 45
Ashes to Assets
Heavy Lifting

Dead Orbit
Heliopause Boots
Int 78
Str 55
Fusion Rifle Ammo
Rocket Launcher Ammo
Void Double-Down

Future War Cult
Class Items
Infinite Lines Bond
Dis 35
Str 24
Crucible Champion
Hand Cannon Focus
Sidearm Focus

New Monarchy
Class Items
Kallipolis Mark
Dis 24
Int 35
Crucible Champion
Hand Cannon Focus
Machine Gun Focus

Dead Orbit
Heliopause Grips
Int 57
Str 40
Combat Propriocepto…

Held Packages: Week 42

No review on rolls this week because I decided to make my life easier and started using the API to get rolls. My plan is to pull data for all of the packages in ERS's collective inventory and only review those rolls, which means I need to figure out how to do that...

Anyway, I did make some recommendations on what packages to pick up this week if anyone is interested.

Decks of the Week - 6/21/16

I’ve decided to change up how I’ve reported Decks of the Week from here on. From here on out I’ll focus more on interesting decks or decks that are taking hold of the current metagame. The major events this week all went down in Orlando so every deck will be taken from the matches down there.

Magic Monies – 6/20/16

So I’m back from my E3 binge to give some actual talk to the goings on in the world of Magic and dollar bills. This week we have a buyout on [mtg_card]Moat[/mtg_card] and people losing their minds over Eternal Masters foils.

Held Packages: Armsday 41

My plan was to start out with a bit of Destiny year 1 history to explain the numbers I'm using for the auto rifle fire rate to impact classification, but I found that was incredibly dull. So I deleted the three pages I was working on and boiled down what I had wrote to this: With stats being RoF/Impact, 100/2 is Soulstealers Claw/Doctrine of Passing/Arminius-D and 88/8 is Hardlight/Monte Carlo/Zarinaea-D there. Simple. Now, if you are still confused go jump off the tower, you're taking up space I could use to join my fireteam.

Moving on to the point, it's armsday and you know what that means, time for some disappointment!  Grab your packages and lets sift through the pile of crap that was dropped on the tower this week.

E3 Hype – Ubisoft Press Conference Summary

So I had a previous engagement to this evening, and I missed the Sony press conference and left just as the Ubisoft press conference was ending. I'm hoping to get the Sony summary up tonight. At the same time, I decided I'm probably going to skip the PC Gaming conference for 2 reasons. First, the conference failed to end before the Ubisoft presser started. So I couldn't give a summary if I didn't catch it in it's entirety. Second, that conference was more of a live show floor stage demo. Dev shows up and talks up their product in a 10 minute window. Then onto the next dev. I wouldn't have much to say about my thoughts with this shotgun style conference. Nothing wrong with it, just not the hype I expect out of an E3 press conference. So now with that out of the way, my summary of the Ubisoft press conference.

E3 Hype - Bethesda Press Conference Summary

Bethesda just finished their presser which I watched live this time, which you will see, was probably a mistake.


Chat from earlier today about our thoughts as we enter E3.

Held Packages: Armsday Week 40

When House of Wolves was released for Destiny I became a reroll addict, dumping any glimmer and weapon parts I had into the Weaponsmith chasing those perfect rolls. I thought I would be able to kick my addiction when Bungo corrected their own mistake and made rerolling guns obsolete. Unfortunately they added a new system for chasing rolls called Armsday. Now, every Wednesday, I pay 7,500-22,500 glimmer for the privilege of 3 fewer weapon slots in my inventory. This is a new weekly post I plan on doing related to Armsday where I will list notable rolls and make recommendations.

Decks of the Week - 6/7/2016

It’s me again this week, not sure how that happened. I would have expected hidsnake to read my article from two weeks ago and revoke my MTG posting privileges. Let’s see how he feels after this week, I take a look at WG Tokens taking over Standard, Nahiri going full ‘murican in Modern, and Death and Taxes in Legacy. Lesgo.

Destiny Fire Sale - 6/3/16

New brief article I felt like doing. I’ll post it up every Friday that shows the rolls of gear sold in Tower based on the minimum quality percentage. That is to say, guaranteed to have a roll that is within 95% of the max. Which is around the percentage required to reach T12. And while I’m at it, I’ll post up what Xur is selling and complain about it.