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Showing posts from May, 2016

Magic Monies - 5/16/16

Slow week in Magic Monies, but still some good talking points. We’ve seen some stability in the market over the past few weeks, so I’ll use the calming time to start talking about some expectations….nevermind. I have to talk more about [mtg_card]Nahiri, the Harbinger[/mtg_card]. Because it’s still causing insanity amongst the speculators.

Decks of the Week - 5/10/16

This week we have some very interesting decks to work with. From a standard perspective, GP Tokyo and GP New York finished up this weekend. I'm always interested as to what comes out of the Japanese scene as their meta tend to build up differently from the rest of the world. More creative card choices and less 4xs. And also, Jeff Hoogland blew most people's minds with [mtg_card]Nahiri, the Harbinger[/mtg_card]'s power level in Modern.

Decks of SCG States - 4/23/16-4/24/16

Sorry is is really late. And that it's just a list. Took much more work than I anticipated. I wanted to give a short blurb but at this point I just want to get it out. So, here are my Top 10 decks of Modern and Standard SCG States. BEGIN THE COUNTDOWN(s).