Held Packages: Armsday Rolls week 55

I'm back! The weapons all being the same for the past 54 weeks gave me a feeling of monotony towards writing these articles. But the new expansion is here! That means all new weapons, right? Currently the Destiny servers aren't displaying vendor info and none of the third party websites I use are functioning so I have no idea if there are new weapons or not. Since apparently API calls aren't being answered at this time the server is probably down or under maintenance and I am left to assume then that anyone who is not at work is currently in game buying up all the new Rise of Iron Weapon packages, right? Right?! Well there are some of the old guns worth talking about still.

What you'll buy this week...





Thesan FR4

Edit: Whelp. It's the same.

Sigh. The two SUROS primary weapons are the slower firing version of the DIS and PDX and will probably need a meta shift to be viable in PVP I like the DIS for PVE though. Lyudmila-D's "god roll" hasn't been talked about outside the week it dropped, if you like the pulses that fire 4 bullets I would pick it up. I can't remember if the SUROS JLB-42 is the good one or not, but you probably don't need a rocket launcher after you get Gjallarhorn so, meh. Thesan FR4 is a fusion rifle.

What you bought last week...


What you still have from week 7...

Häkke Arminius-D (Auto)

  • GA Post / LC Ranged - Relentless Tracker - Glass Half Full - Snapshot / Hand Loaded / Braced Frame

  • SC Holo / LB Assault - Last Resort - Counterbalance - Snapshot / Fitted Stock / Braced Frame

  • GB Iron / SD Thermal - Surrounded - Feeding Frenzy - Snapshot / Speed Reload / Braced Frame

Pick 2 has Holo sight, CB, Braced frame which is god roll terratory. Shame about Last Resort, but it may be of use in Trials. I would need a trials player to weigh in on that though.

Suros PDX-45 (Pulse)

  • SLO-12 / SPO-28 / SPO-57 - Perfect Balance / Casket Mag - Unflinching - Snapshot / Smallbore

  • SLO-12 / SPO-26 / SRO-41 - Perfect Balance / Oiled Frame - Counterbalance - Single Point Sling / Smallbore

  • SLO-12 / SPO-26 / SPO-57 - High Caliber Rounds / Casket Mag - Unflinching - Single Point Sling / Reinforced Barrel

Roll 2 is probably the best you are going to get. Perfect balance/Counterbalance combo makes lasers out of fire hoses. I would go with Single point sling for mobility while aiming down your incredibly accurate (albeit mostly disliked by the community) sights.

Omolon Uffern HC4 (Cannon)

  • Fastdraw / Steadyhand / Suresight - Grenadier - Quickdraw / Injection Mold - Life Support / Eye of the Storm

  • Fastdraw / Steadyhand / Truesight - Luck in the Chamber - Snapshot / Braced Frame - Icarus / Eye of the Storm

  • Fastdraw / Quickdraw / Truesight - Grenadier - Snapshot / Injection Mold - Life Support / Eye of the Storm

I would try roll 2. Luck in the chamber with braced frame seems like a potent combo, and there is always snapshot if you would prefer to not risk lowering your magazine. Icarus plays into hand cannon player's aerial play style well so I think its probably a solid perk here.


Okay so same old guns for sale then. That's... Cool. I have seen reports that they are dropping at 320 if you have Rise of Iron, but only 280 if you don't. So these weapons provide a good initial weapon for you that is soon replaced with a green that drops as the first Rise of Iron mission you do!