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How One Perfects Versus Arena in TESL

Last week while I was streaming The Elder Scrolls: Legends, I got my first perfect 7-0 run in Versus Arena. It’s pretty much the same as Hearthstone’s Arena, but maxes out at 7 wins instead of 12 and the rewards are more fulfilling for less than successful runs. I thought I’d take some time to write out my thoughts of the draft and the games in my run.

Magic Monies - 8/26/16

So another change. I have to write up this article on Fridays now. Sub-optimal for me, because I want to take in the effect of weekend events ASAP, but this will have to do. I’ll keep this week brief since it overlaps so much with my last post.

BQBL 2016-2017: The Beginning

Welcome one and all to the all important rebirth of the infamous Bad Quarterback League! Here our QBs will battle it out to determine who is the worst QB starting in the NFL. Let us set the ground rules for this battle.

Held Packages: Week 50

Fifty... The big five-oh... If weeks were years Armsday would buy itself a red convertible, get a tattoo, and drive down to Cancun to make some new memories regrets. They aren't though, so lets see what the Gunsmith brought this week.

Magic Monies - 8/15/16

Some housekeeping before today’s article. I won’t be providing anymore Decks of the Week articles for the time being. Previously I had the time to write them up and post them, but I will not anymore. I still will provide Magic Monies and Destiny Fire Sale on a weekly basis. Also, sorry I missed Fire Sale last week. Got sidetracked at work. I plan on posting up something special at the end of the week to make up for it. Should lead to some other weekly content to those who enjoy terrible football (hint-hint).

Magic Monies - 8/8/16

This week we have Pro Tour to contend with in Magic Monies. You will likely hear more about it tomorrow when I write up tomorrow’s Decks of the Week article. But today we can talk about the price changes caused by Pro Tour.

Decks of the Week: Hearthstone Edition

The hearthstone plugin for wordpress is being buggy so I'm using an HTML export from hearthpwn for decklists and leaving the distorted popover when it decides to work. Anyway Lifecoach won Seatstory Cup V which is a Last Hero Standing tournament hosted by Take, a pro hearthstone player. Prize pool was $20k, $10k to 1st, $4k to 2nd, and $2k to third.

Magic Monies - 8/1/16

It’s the first Monday of the month, so we have all time high and lows to discuss. Which usually means that I’ll tell you what cards deflated a bit more than they probably should have. Will also talk about the new (old) deck that blew up SCG Baltimore.