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Magic Monies - 10/28/16

Not much to look at this week. I'll have a bigger post next week with all time highs/lows. Also, look forward to a mini-set review for the new Commander decks. I haven't decided if I'm going to fit it into Magic Monies on the 11/11/16 or do something separate.

BQBL 2016-2017: Week 7

Jay Cutler didn't play in Chicago, and they still have quarterback controversy. I like to call this Tuesday. Brock Osweiler broke some history and Case Keenum is still starting over Jared Goff for god knows why. Welcome to BQBL folks.

GWENT Beta Release Date Announced

The GWENT Beta finally has a release date! If you haven't signed up for it you may want to think about doing that now. Here.

Invites will start being sent out Tuesday, October 25th at 7:00 PM Central European Standard Time (1:00 PM Eastern). I'll be at work constantly refreshing my email so that if I am chosen I can stream here once the download is finished. Yes before you ask, I changed my Twitch username. Numbers in a username are so 90s. Signups to get into the beta are going to remain open for the duration of the beta.

There will be a pre-launch stream Monday, October, 24th at 7:00 PM CEST on CD Projekt Red's Twitch channel. Developers will answer questions, show off deck building, and open card kegs. I can only assume a card keg is like a card pack that has been fermented making it like 4-10% better.

Magic Monies - 10/21/16

Pro Tour has gone and past us by now. And with that, we have some stupidly high cards along with a few we never expected to see. Also, Wizards makes major changes to Standard rotations and a handful of stupid, non-nonsensical buyouts.

BQBL 2016-17: Week 5

This week in BQBL, we get to watch a bunch of backups be a bunch of backups while the starters get concussions, Ryan Tannehill is who we all know he is (that is generically bad so that everyone forgets him), and Houston has begun wonder why they spent money to get a quarterback everyone knew was crap.