Destiny Fire Sale - 9/9/16

APIs are all busted with the new patch so no tower rolls. Along with that, changes have been made to the tier bonuses on Dis/Str/Int in order to accommodate the higher light levels incoming. So what was T12 yesterday, is no longer T12 (At least until you get the gear up to the new max light level I would assume). We'll see next week if the API's are up.

What's Xur Got?

Location: Tower North

ClassTypeNameMin %StatsPerks
TitanHelmetThe Insurmountable Skullfort9247 Dis/51 StrImproved TransfusionHands-OnHeavy LiftingInvigoration
HunterHelmetATS/8 Archnid9048 Int/49 DisArachnid SensoriumAshes to AssetsSecond ThoughtsInvigoration
WarlockHelmetApotheosis Veil8647 Int/47 DisPrivate ReservesInverse ShadowSecond ThoughtsInnervation
Pulse RifleBad Juju
GauntletLegacy Engram

Get Bad Juju. That is all.