BQBL 2016-17: Week 3

I can't believe it happened so early this year. It actually happened. Some managed to blast through all possibilities and break the holy 150 point barrier.

This Weeks Top 3:

3. Blaine Gabbert - San Fransisco 49ers: 100 points

Gabbert and San Fransisco decided to not throw the football for, like, positive yards. He managed to get full Nick Foles points for passing yards and didn't score a TD over the course of the game.


2. Carson Palmer - Arizona Cardinals: 123 points

After 2 consecutive weeks of looking like the best team in the west, Arizona was completely demolished by Buffalo. What's most impressive about this game is that Palmer somehow manage to not break the Alex Smith Award for No Passes over 25 Yards (c), but not get any points for total passing yards. Palmer threw zero TDs, was sacked 5 times, and dropped a very impressive (but not best) 4 INTs. All this combined to give him the Nick Foles points for a dreadful QBR of 36. Congratulations Carson Palmer. You got wreaked by a ex-Rob Ryan defense.


1. Ryan Fitzpatrick - New York Jets: 163 points

DAAAAAAAAAAAAYUUUM. That's alotta points man. Most of the points came from his totally absurd 6 INTs. Let me repeat that. SIX INTS. All without a single TD. My mistake, there was a TD. It was a pick six. And when you throw a 6 INTs, I totally expect the horrifying QBR. The only way this could have been worse would have been if they put Geno Smith into this game at any point.

Team Fantasy Points

Player/TeamOverallWeek 1Week 2Week 3
Notice Me Vince Young Senpai
Mark Sanchez0
Matt Stafford6234019
Jameis Winston1831013142
Sam Bradford481236
Alex Smith113198212
Trevor Siemian10762396
Carson Wentz4412320
Total Points557106336115
Season Score4439325397
Deep and True Hottaeks
Brock Oseiler166343894
Ryan Tannehill107442043
Colin Kaepernick0
Jay Cutler1224379
Blake Bortles162254394
Jared Goff0
Blaine Gabbert2003466100
Total Points757180246331
Season Score592121183288

So, Rean had a pretty good week where he doubled his season score. I'm just going to move onto the next section.

What to Watch in Week 4:

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

The will of Houston has officially be wreaked as JJ Watt's season is now in question. Not like it was going anywhere, but it does feel bad. Tennessee on the other hand has been completely anonymous all season long. So what we have here is a divisional battle of complete mediocrity. If all four teams finish the season with a negative points differential I will not be shocked.


Seattle Seahawks vs. New Yorks Jets

After the mess last week, I'm not passing on Pickspatrick. And I have doubts Russell Wilson will show for Seahawks, so we might get a backup on the show.


Oakland Raider vs. Baltimore Ravens

Both teams have "appeared" to be playing very well this season. But I don't know anyone who is a believer on either team. One team seems to play up to the level of their opponents, while the other plays down. Getting good vibes on this game.

Individual Scores

Team Scores


  1. So I had to go back in time to make an update that I totally forgot/blocked out. Tom Brady was caught suntanning in the nude while suspended. So he actually did get the Dick Pic bonus award without playing. I didn't actually think that anyone would get points on that considering I designed it so that this wouldn't happen. I mean the news had to make ESPN for crying out loud.

    And before anyone asks, Tom Brady is being given the suspension bonus due to an agreement from me and Rean. You have to be suspended DURING the season. Brady was suspended before the season even began.


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