Held Packages: Week 45

"Wait, your just going to continue, business as usual, even though you missed doing armsday rolls last week?! Even though you missed deck of the week this week?!"


Why yes imaginary anonymous reader. Yes I am.

What you should buy this week...

Omolon Tuonela SR4
Omolon Kumatakok HC4
Suros PDX-41
Suros PDX-45
Omolon Eirene RR4

Buy one of each. Maybe two of some.

What you bought last week...

Suros ARI-45
SLO-12/SPO-26/SPO-57 | Fitted Stock/Feather Mag | Snapshot/Rifled Barrel | Persistence
SLO-12/SPO-26/SPO-57 | Hammer Forged/Appended Mag | Single Point Sling/Injection Mold | Hidden Hand
SLO-19/SPO-28/SPO-57 | High Caliber Rounds/Feather Mag | Snapshot/Injection Mold | Persistence

Roll 1 or roll 3 for Persistance. I would lean towards roll 3 for the SPO-28 sight and High Caliber Rounds. It's an AR though so the perks don't matter too much.

Omolon Eirene RR4
Void | Corvo SS2/Faucon SS1 | Army of One | Lightweight/Injection Mold | Unflinching/Last Resort
Solar | Condor SS2/Aquila SS4 | Firefly | Single Point Sling/Injection Mold | Battle Runner/Eye of the Storm
Arc | Condor SS2/Faucon SS1 | Firefly | Single Point Sling/Rifled Bareel | Unflinching/Mulligan

Pick Roll 3 if it's burning a hole in your pocket, especially since its on sale again this week. Firefly with unflinching or mulligan are solid perks. I'm still waiting for,

Ammo Perk | Ammo Perk | Ammo Perk.

Why do you still have this moldy thing?!

GB Iron/SD Thermal | Surrounded | Glass Half Full | Single Point Sling/Speed Reload/Smallbore
GA Post/LD Watchdog | Crowd Control | Counterbalance | High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Braced Frame
GB Iron/LC Ranged | Crowd Control | Feeding Frenzy | High Caliber Rounds/Hand Loaded/Braced Frame.

Roll 2 seems like it could be good, may need some test-ZOMG ITS CC/CB/BF WAAAAAAAA-ing.
Jokes asside. God roll right there. I prefer holo sight, but the Post or Watchdog sights are fine, CC/CB/BF is what's most important.

SLO-12 / SPO-26 / SPO-57 | Fitted Stock / Feather Mag - Zen Moment | Single Point Sling / Hand-laid stock
SLO-12 / SPO-28 / SRO-41 | High caliber rounds / Casket Mag - Outlaw | Speed reload / Smallbore
SLO-12 / SPO-28 / SRO-41 | Perfect balance / Oiled frame - Rodeo | Speed reload / Hand-laid stock

Roll 3 looks stable. Go ahead and try it if you want since its for sale this week, just don't forget to actually buy another package.

The only thing really worth discussing is the Arminius-D roll. That's a god roll that has appeared 3 times since I started doing these articles that everyone should have by now. Just wait until there's a good Lyudmila-D roll. It will happen... I know it will... Yeah...