Destiny Fire Sale - 7/22/16

This week, we have Iron Banner gear to be passing around to everyone! And there is actually good Iron Banner gear this week. Also, the Speaker has some ok rolls for shiny class items.

Top Rolls

VendorClassTypeNameMin %Max %StatsPerks
Dead OrbitTitanChestHeliopause Plate99.1899.18Int 86/Str 60PR/SG AmmoVoid Armor/Recovery
Iron BannerTitanBootsIron Companion Greaves99.1199.11Dis 55/Int 79RL/SR AmmoSecond WindSolar Double-Down
Dead OrbitHunterHelmetHeliopause Mask98.9198.91Int 65/Str 45Ashes to AssetsHeavy LiftingInnervation
New MonarchyTitanClass ItemsKallipolis Mark9898Dis 24/Int 35Crucible ChampionHC/MG Focus
Future War CultWarlockClass ItemsInfinite Lines Bond9898Dis 35/Str 24Crucible ChampionHA/SA Focus
Crucible HandlerTitanGauntletPandion Type 097.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSG Loader
Crucible HandlerWarlockGauntletHaliaetus I97.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSG Loader
Crucible HandlerHunterGauntletAspriet 1.097.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSG Loader
Dead OrbitHunterGauntletHeliopause Grips97.5697.56Int 57/Str 40Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSR Loader
Future War CultWarlockBootsInfinite Lines Legs96.4396.43Int 77/Str 54Arc Double-DownFR/RL Ammo
Dead OrbitHunterBootsHeliopause Boots96.4399.11Int 76-78/Str 55-56 (f)FR/RL AmmoVoid Double-Down
Crucible HandlerTitanGauntletPandion Type 196.3496.34Dis 55/Str 41Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferPR Loader
The SpeakerTitanClass ItemsSeason of Ages XII9696Dis 34/Str 24HC/SG FocusVanguard Champion
The SpeakerHunterClass ItemsCult/Trinary Star96102Dis 23-25/Int 35-36 (f)HC/SG FocusVanguard Champion
House of JudgmentTitanClass ItemsKings' Mark9696Dis 24/Int 34AR/MG FocusVanguard Champion

You may want to check the Speaker’s Cult/Trinary Star for Hunters. That looks like a mistake in the data pull as I’m pretty sure a 280 class item can’t have 36 in a stat as the max is 35. A 25/35 roll would be guaranteed max through FYI. Quite a few really good rolls this week. Dead Orbit has a Titan Chest piece with a near max roll and Shotgun Ammo for all the Fun Police fanboys out there. Iron Banner is also giving out a pretty much must buy in the Titan boots. Near max roll with Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle Ammo along with the Iron Banner perk Second Wind. If you play Crucible a lot, you should be using Iron Banner boots for this perk. The speed buff last forever. Not to mention the boots a Dis/Int roll. /thumbs up. Lastly if you like shiny things, the Speaker also has another decent roll on Titan’s Season of Ages XII.

What’s Xur Got?
Location: Tower Hanger

ClassTypeNameMin %Max %StatsPerks
TitanGauntletNo Backup Plans??Str 58Force MultiplierRain BlowsImpact InductionSG/RL Loader
HunterBootsRadiant Dance Machines??Int 39/Dis 41The DanceSR/MG AmmoVoid/Solar/Arc Double Down
WarlockGauntletThe Impossible Machines??Str 59Lightning RodSnap DischargeImpact InductionHC/SR Loader
Rocket LauncherDragon's Breath
Primary WeaponLegacy Engram

All the rolls are shit. Only thing worth noting is that is that the with Legacy Primary engram. You can find Thorn there. Eat Arby’s.