Destiny Fire Sale - 7/29/16

We have a max roll this week to talk about. And Xur is giving a few decent exotics too.

Top Rolls

VendorClassTypeNameMin %Max %StatsPerks
The SpeakerTitanClass ItemsFreeholder's Memory100100Dis 25/Int 35HC/RL FocusVanguard Champion
Dead OrbitTitanChestHeliopause Plate99.1899.18Int 86/Str 60PR/SG AmmoVoid Armor/Recovery
Dead OrbitHunterHelmetHeliopause Mask98.9198.91Int 65/Str 45Ashes to AssetsHeavy LiftingInnervation
New MonarchyTitanClass ItemsKallipolis Mark9898Dis 24/Int 35Crucible ChampionHC/MG Focus
Future War CultWarlockClass ItemsInfinite Lines Bond9898Dis 35/Str 24Crucible ChampionHC/SA Focus
House of JudgmentHunterClass ItemsDevils' Disguise9898Dis 24/Int 35AR/SG FocusVanguard Champion
Crucible HandlerTitanGauntletPandion Type 097.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferShotgun Loader
Crucible HandlerWarlockGauntletHaliaetus I97.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferShotgun Loader
Crucible HandlerHunterGauntletAspriet 1.097.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferShotgun Loader
Dead OrbitHunterGauntletHeliopause Grips97.5697.56Int 57/Str 40Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSniper Rifle Loader

So the obvious choice is to pick up that Freeholder’s Memory from the Speaker. It shiny and has relevant stats to go with a max roll. No brainer buy this week. Dead Orbit also has good rolls on the titan chest and hunter helmet. I like the titan chest since it comes with shotgun ammo. I also can’t pass up noting that that Future War Cult and New Monarchy have class items that have good rolls. Handy when you have to run around with those forever working that Rank 25 exotic faction quest.

What’s Xur Got?
Location: The Reef

ClassTypeNameMin %StatsPerks
TitanBootsMk. 44 Stand Asides92Int 40/Str 43Be Somewhere ElseArc Double-DownSG/MG Ammo
HunterBootsBones of Eao88Int 39/Dis 41Not Bound by LawVoid Double-DwonSA/RL Ammo
WarlockHelmetThe Ram87Str 59Strength of the RamHands-OnSecond ThoughtsInvigoration
ShotgunThe 4th Horsemen
ChestLegacy Engram

Don’t get locked in the Reef room. Bungo can keep telling me they fixed that, I just don’t believe them. Rolls aren’t great this week, and 4th Horsemen is really only fun rampaging in patrol while high. But you should pick up Bones of Eao and The Ram anyway. The Ram is an exceptional PvP exotic for Voidwalkers and crazy Sunsingers. Bones makes raid jumping puzzles a cakewalk.