Held Packages: Armsday Rolls Week 46

Won't be holding much this week, there's even a Lyudmila-D that I can recommend!

What you should buy this week...

  • Hakke Arminius-D

  • Hakke Gaheris-D

  • Hakke Judith-D

  • Omolon Uffern HC4

  • Omolon Uzume RR4

Arminius-D is a good pickup. If heavy hand canons are your jimmy jam grab a Judith-D package.



What you bought last week...

Omolon Tuonela SR4: Roll 1 or 2

  1. Candle IS2 / Flash HS4 / Signal MS5 - life support - extended mag / smallbore - firefly / exhumed

  2. Spark IS6 / Torch HS2 / impulse MS2 - triple tap - single point sling / feather mag - firefly surrounded

  3. Candle IS2 / Torch HS2 / Impulse MS2 - replenish - snapshot / smallbore - third eye / surrounded


Roll 1 is ok with life support, extended mag, and firefly, but that roll is missing the Torch scope. Roll 2 looks like the best one this week to me. It has the Torch scope with triple tap, single point sling, and firefly.


Omolon Kumatakok HC4: Any of these

  1. Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Sureshot | Third Eye | Quickdraw/Rifled Barrel | Firefly/Danger Close

  2. Fastdraw/Steadyhand/Truesight | Third Eye | Quickdraw/Oiled Frame | Outlaw/Danger Close

  3. Fastdraw/Steadyhand/Truesight | Third Eye | Single Point Sling/Rifled Barrel | Firefly/Underdog


They all look good to me. I'd go with 3 to be honest.


Suros PDX-41: Roll 1 or 2

  1. SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-37 - PB/Appended Mag - Partial Refund - Snapshot/Hand-laid Stock

  2. SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-41 - Hammer Forged/Feather Mag - Headseeker - Snapshot/Smallbore

  3. SLO-19/SPO-26/SRO-41 - Fitted Stock/Appended Mag - Hidden Hand - Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel


Roll 1 for max stability, roll 2 for range and headseeker.


Suros PDX-45: Roll 1

  1. SLO-19 SPO-26 SRO-41 - Perfect Balance Feather Mag - Full Auto - Speed Reload Hand-laid Stock

  2. SLO-19 SPO-28 SRO-37 - Fitted Stock Appended Magazine - Spray and Play - Lightweight Rifled Barrel

  3. SLO-19 SPO-26 SRO-37 - High Caliber Rounds Feather Mag - Secret Round - Lightweight Hand-laid Stock


Roll 1 looks to be the roll I have been waiting for. Full Auto and 2 stability mods on this fast firing laser beam.



Keeping the dream alive while taking up inventory space...

Cocytus SR4: Roll 2 or 3

  1. Spark IS6/Flash HS4/Impulse MS2 - Replenish - Quickdraw/Rifled Barrel - Third Eye/Underdog

  2. Candle IS2/Torch HS2/Impulse MS2 - Life Support - Lightweight/Smallbore - Zen Moment/Underdog

  3. Spark IS6/Flash HS4/Impulse MS2 - Triple Tap - Single Point Sling/Rifled Barrel - Zen Moment/Eye of the Storm

Roll 2 is slightly better to me because of the scope.


Suros DIS-43: Roll 1 or 2

  1. SLO-19/SPO-26/SRO-37 - High Caliber Rounds/Appended Magazine - Unflinching - Snapshot/Injection Mold

  2. SLO-12/SPO-28/SPO-57 - Perfect Balance/Feather Mag - Counterbalance - Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel

  3. SLO-12/SPO-28/SPO-57 - Hammer Forged/Appended Magazine - Take a Knee - Speed Reload/Injection Mold


Roll 2 looks stable and roll 1 looks good for pvp


Suros DIS-47: Roll 1 or 3

  1. SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-37 l Fitted Stock/Feather Mag l Counterbalance l Lightweight/Rifled Barrel

  2. SLO-19/SPO-26/SPO-37 l Perfect Balance/Appended Magazine l Take a Knee l Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel

  3. SLO-12/SPO-28/SPO-57 l Fitted Stock/Feather Mag l Full Auto l Single Point Sling/Smallbore


Roll 3 seems like the best if your going for a full auto DIS-47.


Lyudmila-D: Roll 2

  1. GB iron / LC ranged - glass half full - unflinching - snapshot / handloaded / hand laid stock

  2. SC holo / LC ranged - crowd control - counterbalance - single point sling / hand loaded / hand laid stock

  3. GA post / LD watchdog - danger close - full auto - snapshot / hand loaded / hand laid stock


The long wait for this package is finally over. A Holo sight, Crowd Control, Counterbalance, Hand Laid Stock Lyudmila-D is here. Headseeker would have beene nice obviously, but both it and Crowd Control perform similar damage buffing rolls so I'm not too distraught over it. Counterbalance with Hand Laid Stock is what matters here.




I get rolls from the /r/destinythegame weekly armsday post. Previously I spent a bunch of time formatting them, but that takes forever so all rolls are formatted as they have been submitted.