Decks of the Week - 7/19/18

Hey everyone! An actual Decks of the Week article! Someone who won’t be named forgot to do one last week (or even tell me they wouldn’t) so I pass that blame onto them with zero shame. This week we play a few goblins, and eldrazi or two, and nice pile of dragons. No major events over last weekend, with prerelease and everything. So this week all the decks come from MTGO.


UR Dragons by __OVC__ - 5-0 MTGO Standard League
This is essentially what the Monoblue and UR Flyers decks have become. This deck keeps the board clean with removal and countermagic, while flying over its opponent with 16 flyers, including [mtg_card]Icefall Regent[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Thunderbreak Regent[/mtg_card] who each have built in defenses against removal. It’s a good deck I’ve watch pro’s pilot from time to time.


Eldrazi Tron by contrap – 5-0 MTGO Modern League
This deck take all the fun of the Legacy Eldrazi shell and transfers it into a Modern Tron shell. There have been quite a few memorials written about the death of Tron in Modern, and this looks like a solid deck for those who believe it is gone.

Scapeshift by Bayesta_93 – 5-0 MTGO Modern League
This is a [mtg_card]Primeval Titan[/mtg_card] style [mtg_card]Scapeshift[/mtg_card] deck, going back to the deck’s more classical roots. What really is interesting about this version is the introduction of [mtg_card]Nahiri, the Harbinger[/mtg_card]. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her in a Scapeshift deck. That said, if you ultimate her then you can grab Primeval Titan. With the enters battle field trigger AND attack trigger you can grab 2 [mtg_card]Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle[/mtg_card]s and 2 [mtg_card]Mountain[/mtg_card]s to trigger 12 damage. Oh, and you are attacking with a 6/6 trampler in Primeval Titan. Important to me, this is more entry of Nahiri, the Harbinger into Modern and Legacy.

Miracles by MoosePlural – 5-0 MTG Legacy League
This deck is a combination of Miracles and Stoneblade. Which intrigued me. This deck cuts out colors out of the Stoneblade decks in order to fit a Miracles component. To me, I see no problems with this logic; partially because your opponent is going to put you on one strategy when you play a different one in game 2. I think the only points I would take complaints too is that [mtg_card]Jace, the Mind Sculptor[/mtg_card] probably should be in the maindeck. Probably at the cost of a [mtg_card]Counterspell[/mtg_card] and/or [mtg_card]Terminus[/mtg_card]. I would also fit a [mtg_card]Karakas[/mtg_card] in for a [mtg_card]Plains[/mtg_card] or an [mtg_card]Arid Mesa[/mtg_card]. Will help to strengthen up the Sneak and Show matchup and provide protection for [mtg_card]Vendilion Clique[/mtg_card] to do damage. Otherwise, I might adopt this into my tree of Miracles decks I enjoy.

Goblin Prison by SebastianStueckl – 5-0 MTGO Legacy League
I mean this in the nicest way possible, but this deck is a beautiful ugly. I heard about the deck last week but hadn’t seen the lists. Allow me to summarize the very linear game plan. Drop a [mtg_card]Chrome Mox[/mtg_card] or [mtg_card]Simian Spirit Guide[/mtg_card] T1 so you can jump to a T1 [mtg_card]Chalice of the Void[/mtg_card] on 1. This opens the door to T2 [mtg_card]Blood Moon[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]Magus of the Moon[/mtg_card], or [mtg_card]Trinisphere[/mtg_card]. For most decks in Legacy, you just won. For other decks, you hunt down [mtg_card]Moggcatcher[/mtg_card] with the help of [mtg_card]Imperial Recruiter[/mtg_card]. Using Moggcatcher you can grab a [mtg_card]Goblin Rabblemaster[/mtg_card] every turn and just overwhelm them. It’s ugly, zero fun, and beautiful. Worth noting, if you ever play Commander, people really have a fanatical hatred for Moggcatcher.