Magic Monies - 6/13/16

Going to keep today’s Magic Monies really brief. With E3 happening this week I want to spend my time working on that instead of Magic with everything going on.

Magic Origins

The whole set of sealed Magic Origins is starting to vanish from the shelves. It’s print run has run its course. And because it’s rotating out within the year, dealers are doing all they can to throw boxes away. I saw Channel Fireball was giving them up at $90 a box. Most of the TCGPlayer dealers still have them at $100 each. I bring it up because Magic Origins has quite a few Modern staples.  Might be worth a grab if you can grab one on the cheap to sit on for a few years.

Weekly Highs

Killer BeesLegends$20.08$14.7236.40%
Day's UndoingMagic Origins$3.62$2.8925.30%
Wirewood SymbioteEternal Masters$2.04$1.6424.40%
Static Orb7th Edition$4.75$3.9021.80%


Weekly Lows

SinkholeEternal Masters$16.07$21.89-26.60%
Mana CryptEternal Masters$97.58$132.80-26.50%
DuplicantEternal Masters$5.23$7.09-26.20%
Eight-and-a-Half-TailsEternal Masters$4.01$5.38-25.50%
NecropotenceEternal Masters$8.19$10.99-25.50%
City of BrassArabian Nights$91.19$120.60-24.40%
Chain LightningEternal Masters$6.76$8.79-23.10%
Wrath of GodEternal Masters$4.61$5.99-23.00%
Isochron ScepterEternal Masters$4.49$5.81-22.70%
BalanceEternal Masters$4.25$5.38-21.00%
Sensei's Divining TopEternal Masters$22.09$27.89-20.80%