Destiny Fire Sale - 6/3/16

New brief article I felt like doing. I’ll post it up every Friday that shows the rolls of gear sold in Tower based on the minimum quality percentage. That is to say, guaranteed to have a roll that is within 95% of the max. Which is around the percentage required to reach T12. And while I’m at it, I’ll post up what Xur is selling and complain about it.

Top Rolls (Guaranteed)

VendorClassTypeNameMin %Max %
New MonarchyTitanClass ItemsKallipolis Mark9898
Crucible HandlerTitanGauntletPandion Type 097.56100
Crucible HandlerWarlockGauntletHaliaetus I97.5697.56
Crucible HandlerHunterGauntletAspriet 1.097.5697.56
Dead OrbitTitanChestHeliopause Plate96.7299.18
Dead OrbitHunterBootsHeliopause Boots96.4399.11
Future War CultWarlockClass ItemsInfinite Lines Bond96102
House of JudgmentWarlockClass ItemsKings' Bond96100
Crucible HandlerTitanChestPandion Type 095.998.36
Crucible HandlerWarlockChestHaliaetus I95.998.36
Crucible HandlerHunterChestAspriet 1.095.998.36
Dead OrbitHunterHelmetHeliopause Mask95.6598.91
Dead OrbitHunterGauntletHeliopause Grips95.1298.78
Exotic Armor BlueprintsWarlockChestPurifier Robes95.0897.54
Exotic Armor BlueprintsWarlockChestStarfire Protocol95.0897.54
New MonarchyHunterChestKallipolis Vest95.0896.72

The one worth highlighting here is the Kings’ Bond from House of Judgement. It’s shiny, and not many people have it. The set of Crucible Handler Gauntlets all have Shotgun Loader mods, so is pretty useful. The set of Crucible Handler Chests have Pulse Rifles and Sniper Rifle Ammo mods, something I know you campy assholes adore.

What’s Xur Got Today?

ClassTypeNameMin %Max %
TitanGauntletACD/0 Feedback Fence89.0291.46
HunterHelmetGraviton Forfeit86.9690.22
WarlockChestAlchemist's Raiment90.9892.62
Fusion RiflePlan C
ChestLegacy Engram


If you haven’t played with Graviton Forfeit, you are missing something fun. All 3 armors have bad rolls, so you probably will have to use Glass Needles on all of them if you want T12. Oh and Plan C is the weapon of the week, so I think I’ll play Overwatch this weekend rather than deal with the stupid that is Plan C in Crucible.