Destiny Fire Sale - 8/5/16

Xur decided to give everyone candy this week. Which makes up for the fact that there isn’t much else out there.

Top Rolls

VendorClassTypeNameMin %Max %StatPerks
Dead OrbitTitanChestHeliopause Plate99.1899.18Int 86/Str 60PR/SG AmmoVoid Armor/Recovey
Dead OrbitHunterHelmetHeliopause Mask98.9198.91Int 65/Str 45Ashes to AssetsHeavy LiftingInnervation
New MonarchyTitanClass ItemsKallipolis Mark9898Dis 24/Int 35Crucible ChampionHC/MG Focus
Future War CultWarlockClass ItemsInfinite Lines Bond9898Dis 35/Str 24Crucible ChampionHC/SA Focus
The SpeakerWarlockClass ItemsWhite Polygon Construct9898Dis 24/Int 35ScR/SnR FocusVanguard Champion
The SpeakerWarlockClass ItemsSeal of the Twin Eagle9898Dis 25/Int 34HC/SA FocusVanguard Champion
Crucible HandlerTitanGauntletPandion Type 097.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSG Loader
Crucible HandlerWarlockGauntletHaliaetus I97.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSG Loader
Crucible HandlerHunterGauntletAspriet 1.097.5697.56Dis 40/Int 57Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSG Loader
Dead OrbitHunterGauntletHeliopause Grips97.5697.56Int 57/Str 40Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferSnR Loader
Dead OrbitHunterBootsHeliopause Boots97.3297.32Int 76/Str 56FR/RL AmmoVoid Double-Down
Future War CultWarlockBootsInfinite Lines Legs96.4396.43Int 77/Str 54Arc Double-DownFR/RL Ammo
Crucible HandlerTitanGauntletPandion Type 196.3496.34Dis 55/Str 41Combat ProprioceptorMomentum TransferPR Loader

Not too much to talk about. Some good rolls from the Speaker for the Warlock class items. Both are Int/Dis rolls. Good rolls on the New Monarchy and Future War Cult class items for Titan and Warlock. The only not class item worth talking about Are the two Dead Orbit rolls. The Titan chest is pretty good with Pulse Rifle and Shotgun Ammo. Probably worth a buy if you need chest with Shotgun Ammo.

What’s Xur Got Today?
Location: By the Speaker

ClassTypeNameMin %Max %StatPerks
TitanGauntletsNo Backup Plans80Str 49Force MultiplerRain BlowsMomentum TransferSG/MG Loader
HunterHelmetGraviton Forfeit84.888Int 32/Str 31Elusive ShadowInverse ShadowHeavy LiftingInvigoration
WarlockHelmetApotheosis Veil9093.5Int 32/Str 35Private ReservesInverse ShadowSecond ThoughtsInnervation
Auto RifleZhalo SupercellZhalo SupercellBolts from the BluePersistence
PrimaryLegacy Engram

None of the armors have good rolls, but it’s No Backup Plans and Graviton Forfeit. Two of the best exotic armors in the game. If you don’t have them, they are worth it to add to you collection. But know that the roll on No Backup Plans is particularly bad at sub-80%. More important than all of this, Xur decided to give out Zhalo Supercell like candy. Buy it. Best PvE weapon in the game. BEST PVE WEAPON IN THE GAME.