Something New in the Content Department

Starting this week, I’m going to make an effort to stream online TCGs on Wednesday nights between 7PM-10PM beast coast time. My start time will between 7PM and 8PM and I’ll be done before 10PM.

I decided this after I got into the Elder Scrolls: Legends beta, which will probably be the game I start streaming this week. I finished the story and have done a solo arena run, so I’m comfortable jumping into more competitive play from here. I may also play Heartstone more casually. And if I can get Tok or other guys online for this we may do some MTG on Cockatrice because we are too cheap to get into the MTGO market.

I'm not sure how long this will go. I'm not a top tier player and my motivation for doing stuff tends to be fleeting. My goal is to keep this up regularly as long as possible even if I have to switch days. But for now I'll put the effort into streaming and posting content on my Youtube. If I enjoy it enough, you may even see deeper breakdown on these games on the blog.