Held Packages: Week 50

Fifty... The big five-oh... If weeks were years Armsday would buy itself a red convertible, get a tattoo, and drive down to Cancun to make some new memories regrets. They aren't though, so lets see what the Gunsmith brought this week.



What to buy this week...

  1. Hakke Arminius D

  2. Suros PDX 45

  3. Suros JLB 47

  4. Hakke Jingukogo-D

  5. Omolon Eirene RR4

Arminius-D and Eirene RR4 if you haven't already, but lets face it if you haven't already you probably never will. You could get the PDX-45 if you like fast firing pulse rifles.



What you bought last week...

Omolon Kumakatok HC4

  1. Fastdraw / Steadyhand / TrueSight - Luck in the chamber - Quickdraw / rifled barrel - Life support / underdog

  2. Fastdraw / Quickdraw / Sureshot - Luck in the Chamber - single point sling / braced frame - icarus / underdog

  3. Fastdraw / Quickdraw / Sureshot - Luck in the chamber - Single point sling / rifled barrel - Life Support / Underdog

I would go with roll number 3 since I like to keep my feet on the ground and single point sling helps do that while being mobile. Roll 2 is probably better for traditional hand canon gunplay since it has icarus. Roll 2 also has braced frame which has the added benifit of reducing the magazine size so luck in the chamber has a greater chance to proc. I don't recommend reducing hand canon mag size, but there are some crazy guardians out there who enjoy that kind of thing.


Nothing else worth mentioning. I wouldn't even pick an Eirene roll this week even with it on sale.




What you inexplicably still have...




Anyone excited for rise of iron? I'm excited to have things to actually talk about too!

I'm going to keep writing these every Wednesday even though I personally no longer waste money on packages. I know there are some people who are still waiting for good rolls even if I can't fathom why.