Decks of the Week: Hearthstone Edition

The hearthstone plugin for wordpress is being buggy so I'm using an HTML export from hearthpwn for decklists and leaving the distorted popover when it decides to work. Anyway Lifecoach won Seatstory Cup V which is a Last Hero Standing tournament hosted by Take, a pro hearthstone player. Prize pool was $20k, $10k to 1st, $4k to 2nd, and $2k to third.

Lifecoach's Token Druid - SeatStory Cup V

I can already tell from [Fandral Staghelm] that this deck is up my ally. I am a huge fan of choose one effects and getting both is great value. The dream seems to be [Fandral Staghelm] into [Ancient of War], but I'm fine with just a [Raven Idol] or [Living Roots]. With [Living Roots], [Violet Teacher], and [Onyxia] filling the board with 1/1s will be easy and a [Soul of the Forest] token massacre can end games quick.

LifeCoach's Midrange Hunter

It's a [Desert Camel] deck. Play against heroes that shouldn't have 1 drops and hope it grabs your [Injured Kvaldir]. Even if it doesn't a [Fiery Bat] or [Flame Juggler] will probably give more value than whatever your opponent is running. Other than that little early game interaction this deck plays creatures with a lot of value and fires hunter arrows at the face.

Lifecoach's Miracle Rogue - SeatStory Cup V

Ccccccc-ombo! Play some 0 or 1 Mana Spells for a 30/30 (or some equally arbitrarily large power/toughness) [Edwin VanCleef] and [Conceal] him. [Gadgetzan Auctioneer] can help you reload. [Tomb Pillager]'s deathrattle grants a [Coin] which counts as a spell for Combo.

Lifecoach's Aggro Shaman - SeatStory Cup V

[Tunnel Trogg] is a really good one drop when you have the overload for it like with [Feral Spirit], [Flamewreathed Faceless], and [Doomhammer]. This deck also has a Totem theme with the usual suspects, but [Thunder Bluff Valiant] is what ties it all together. I think this is pretty close to the Meta Aggro Shaman.

Lifecoach's C'Thun Warrior - SeatStory Cup V

C'Thun Warrior is in the Control Warrior archtype, and by that I mean whoever plays this deck should expect to have 40-80 armor at some point in the game. [Ancient Shieldbearer] will probably be generating the most of that thanks in no small part to [Brann Bronzebeard]. Remember, always trim the beard. By which I mean kill Brann before your facing down three copies of [Twin Emperor Vek'lor].




Well that't it for this week! Still figuring out the format for Hearthstone decks of the week so leave suggestions in the comments or private message me to complain like hidsnake will undoubtedly do. I heard he is going to be streaming card games on wednesdays now. Check it out at!