BQBL 2016-2017: Week 6

Going into Monday night's game, I was legit worried that we were going to have the worst week of BQBL to date. But by god, Ryan Pickspatrick was having none of that bullshit.

This Week’s Top 3:

3. Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles: 61 points

No picks, 5 sacks, no TDs. Petty boring, but more importantly, this is really Carson Wentz's first bad game. He almost doubled his worst game of the season. TREND? THIS BQBL FANTASY PLAYER SURE HOPES SO.


2. Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers: 76 points

First time we get to see Worthlessburger make the board. To me it's fairly impressive since he has two of the best NFL offensive threats in Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. So he proceeded to show himself as one of the many QBs in the game that the NFL media drools over because he is magically better with a ring, but is actually generic. As a Raven's fan, the same thing is true for Joe Flacco. There. Bipartisanship. Anyway, 2 pick and the Alex Smith Award for no passes over 25 yards is enough for me to say he sucked. This all happened against Miami as well. So it was like twice as bad as I make it sound. Oh, and he got hurt, so don't expect him to play the rest of the season. But hey, we get the wonders of Landry Jones and Zach Mettenberger (SO MANY BURGERS) in BQBL this year.


1. Ryan Fitzpatrick - New York Jets: 105 points

PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR OF BQBL, RYAN PICKSPATRICK! Only 1 pick for Pickspatrick this week. But he looked awful against the Cardinals, who aren't well known for their defensive prowess. But, he was benched in the middle of the game for poor play. This is the first time a player has been benched for poor play all season long, which a record for how long we lasted without one. I mean Case Keenum is still starting in LA for crying out loud. So congrats to Pickspatrick. You coach officially thinks Geno Smith is better than you. That a new level of suck in my opinion.

Team Fantasy Points:

Notice Me Vince Young Senpai
Mark Sanchez0
Matt Stafford1783401982313
Jameis Winston296101314210112
Sam Bradford54123606
Alex Smith1861982124429
Trevor Siemian183623963442
Carson Wentz130123202561
Total Points102710633611526174135
Season Score870932539722768132
Deep and True Hottaeks
Brock Osweiler314343894418819
Ryan Tannehill269442043508626
Colin Kaepernick4949
Jay Cutler1224379
Blake Bortles2162543942727
Jared Goff0
Blaine Gabbert343346610027116
Total Points1313180246331145290121
Season Score1102121183288118290102

So I beat Rean this week, thanks to a splendid performance from by Carson Wentz. But I'm still down to Blaine Gabbert and Brock Osweiler.

Individual Points Top 10:

PlayerTeamOverallWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
Ryan FitzpatrickNYJ4486331638331105
Blaine GabbertSFO343346610027116
Case KeenumLAR3401484154117313
Brock OsweilerHOU314343894418819
Jameis WinstonTAM296101314210112
Tyrod TaylorBUF278721082285234
Marcus MariotaTEN277632580732016
Ryan TannehillMIA269442043508626
Cam NewtonCAR2686118856044
Joe FlaccoBAL243233870234544

Pickspatrick has over 100 points on second place. All hail the glory of Pickspatrick.

What to Watch in Week 7:

Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans

Neither Luck nor Mariota have been particularly special this year. But they have been generically mediocre. These are the kind of games where whoever loses, tends to play really bad. Or both go on a gun-slinging rampage with 5 TD each.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. San Fransisco 49ers

Game of the week right here. Colin Kaepernick's second game of the season against one of the BQBL leaders Jameis Winston. I see a winner right here.


Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos

Yet again, another primetime game I have no interest in watching with two teams I know nothing about. That said, Osweiler is bad and Denver's defense is really good. I expect a big primetime showing from Osweiler this week.

Individual Scores

Team Scores