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Magic Monies - 5/2/16

Fairly quiet week. So I'll keep this week's Magic Monies brief accordingly. Also, first Monday of the month, so I'll cover all time highs/lows this week.

One card worth talking about this week in [mtg_card]Part the Waterveil[/mtg_card]. The main reason for this was a decent, but no top 8 showing of a Taking Turns deck at an SCG Modern Open this weekend. The card was already a bulk mythic, but take an extra turn cards do typically hold around $2. But not many are mythic. Or cost efficient. I suspect this will take a drop next week more towards the $2-$3 range. I don't expect it to hold at $4.

Weekly Winners

[mtg_card]Part the Waterveil[/mtg_card]$4.25$1.86128.50%
[mtg_card]Flamekin Harbinger[/mtg_card] (Planechase)$4.50$2.19105.50%
[mtg_card]Constant Mists[/mtg_card]$2.49$1.6055.60%
[mtg_card]Strip Mine[/mtg_card] [Uneven Horizon]$19.79$13.8542.90%
[mtg_card]Puca's Mischief[/mtg_card]$3.91$2.9930.80%
[mtg_card]Strip Mine[/mtg_card] [Tower]$19.94$15.6727.30%

Weekly Losers

[mtg_card]Muddle the Mixture[/mtg_card]$6.53$11.98-45.50%
[mtg_card]Killer Bees[/mtg_card] (Legends)$14.07$21.98-36.00%
[mtg_card]Disenchant[/mtg_card] (Promo)$4.17$6.10-31.60%
[mtg_card]Mana Leak[/mtg_card] (Promo)$10.51$14.86-29.30%
[mtg_card]Oubliette[/mtg_card] [Version 2]$26.63$34.62-23.10%
[mtg_card]Strip Mine[/mtg_card] [Even Horizon]$12.99$16.89-23.10%
[mtg_card]Urza's Power Plant[/mtg_card] [Columns]$5.35$6.92-22.70%
[mtg_card]Cryptolith Rite[/mtg_card]$6.00$7.75-22.60%

All Time Highs

[mtg_card]Ancestral Vision[/mtg_card] (DD: Jace vs. Chandra)$45.84
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (8th Edition)$8.63
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (Classsic Sixth Edition)$7.29
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (Fourth Edition)$7.00
[mtg_card]Celestial Colonnade[/mtg_card]$34.50
[mtg_card]Engineered Explosives[/mtg_card] (Fifth Dawn)$21.83
[mtg_card]Engineered Explosives[/mtg_card] (Modern Masters)$20.00
[mtg_card]High Tide[/mtg_card] (Promo)$12.66
[mtg_card]Infernal Tutor[/mtg_card]$19.94
[mtg_card]Kira, Great Glass-Spinner[/mtg_card] (Modern Masters)$16.05
[mtg_card]Kitchen Finks[/mtg_card] (Modern Masters)$14.81
[mtg_card]Lord of Atlantis[/mtg_card] (Fifth Edition)$5.25
[mtg_card]Mayor of Avabruck[/mtg_card]$5.04
[mtg_card]Path to Exile[/mtg_card] (DD: Venser vs. Koth)$10.20
[mtg_card]Path to Exile[/mtg_card] (Modern Masters)$10.43
[mtg_card]Reveillark[/mtg_card] (Morningtide)$7.90
[mtg_card]Training Grounds[/mtg_card]$6.41

All Time Lows

[mtg_card]Electrolyze[/mtg_card] (Champs Promo)$15.52
[mtg_card]Energy Field[/mtg_card]$5.76
[mtg_card]Geist of Saint Traft[/mtg_card] (Innistrad)$11.54
[mtg_card]Pernicious Deed[/mtg_card] (Apocalypse)$5.30
[mtg_card]Sorin, Solemn Visitor[/mtg_card]$6.46
[mtg_card]True-Name Nemesis[/mtg_card]$13.89


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