Decks of SCG States - 4/23/16-4/24/16

Sorry is is really late. And that it's just a list. Took much more work than I anticipated. I wanted to give a short blurb but at this point I just want to get it out. So, here are my Top 10 decks of Modern and Standard SCG States. BEGIN THE COUNTDOWN(s).


10) UR Dragons by Troy Simpson - 5th Place Pawtucket States

9) Mardu Midrange by Matthew Bartley and Mathew Manzi - 3rd Place and 4th Place Manchester States (Same 75 at same event)

8) Grixis Dragons by Cameron Patey - 4th Place Orlando States

6) [TIE] Abzan Delrium by Erick Ness - 7th Place Fargo States

6) [TIE] BG Delrium by Jim Still - 3rd Place Pearl States

5) Hardened Scales?? by Joel Ring - 2nd Place Bozeman States

4) Abzan Landfall by Dustin Summers - 6th Place Knoxville States

3) Jund Midrange by Michael Rodriguez - 1st Place Orlando States

2) Abzan Pact by Chris Curran - 1st Place Manchester States

1) Temur Midrange by Michael Walsichuck - 1st Place Edmonton States

Bonus Decks

Bant Company by Grant Christopher - 1st Place Duluth States

BR Vampires by Brian Tabares - 1st Place Glassboro States

Naya Midrange by Patrick Boutet - 5th Place Vancouver States

WB Midrange by Scott Nading - 1st Place Norman States


10) Esper Control by Shawn McBride - 6th Place Burlington

9) Sultai Control by Steven Urbani - 5th Place Vancouver States

8) Temur Moon by Ben Draveker - 8th Place Lutherville/Timonium States

7) Temur Twin by Daniel Roark - 2nd Place Norman States

6) Abzan Blue by Austin Riis-Due - 5th Place Denton States

5) Mardu Midrange by Ben Manchester - 1st Place Des Moines States

4) Scapeshift by Neil MacDonald - 1st Place Newington States

3) RG Land Disruption by Matt Mendoza - 1st Place Lenexa States

2) Affinity for Goblins by Zeke Nellams - 6th Place Dover States

1) Dredge Rites by Charles Tondreau-Alin - 1st Place Verdun States

Bonus Decks

Amulet Combo by Martin Periard - 2nd Place Standish States

Eggs by Ori Hommy - 8th Place Edmonton States

Esper Polymorph by George Colby - 5th Place Standish States

Esper Teachings by Simon Tubello - 5th Place Saskatoon States

Grixis Control by Joey Hayes - 4th Place Winnipeg States

Mono-Blue Delver by Jonathan Reichert - 5th Place Winnipeg States

Skred Red by Steve Lynn - 4th Place Laramie States

Tezzeret Thopter Sword by Chris Girardo - 2nd Place Des Moines States

UB Faeries by Jacob Daniel - 4th Place Salt Lake City States

WG Humans by Elliot Witten - 5th Place Manchester States