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An Intro to the hidsnake

So my name is hidsnake, aka David. I thought I'd do a quick intro to myself before putting up posts.

I will mostly do some on again/off again posting based on my very regularly fleeting personal tastes. That will consist mostly of Magic the Gathering and occasional competitive gaming (mostly shooters). I will openly admit that none of what I do will be consistent, but I will at least try for a time to do so. For now, I will post up an article on Magic finance on Mondays and top Magic decks getting play on Tuesdays. If I can suffer through it, I'll try to put up at least one more article a week related to Magic or Destiny for now, hopefully on Wednesdays.

If you want to catch me, we all sometimes regularly stream on Friday nights around 8PM with some Destiny and/or The Division. Don't complain about my potato Internets. For they are potato. You can follow me here for Twitch and/or Youtube.

I really don't care if you follow or not. I just enjoy reviewing my footage to improve myself. Don't ask me to like/sub to your crap. I don't care.


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