NHL Playoffs Predictions Round 1: With Picks by Guest Dike Dilbury


Here with me is Plasma Zero to discuss this insanity of these playoffs and add in picks for the first round. Dike Dilbury was too busy tossing shoes to be involved with the chat but did make picks with us and gave a quick reasoning for his picks.

(FYI: We are unabashed Caps fans)


who the fuck setup STL vs. Chi? That's fucked up bro.

Plasma Zero
chi kinda fell apart at the end of the season
looks like the bruins might fire that guy from king of the hill

You, they were first in the division last month.

Plasma Zero
outside of minn. the west coast is stacked with teams.

I always enjoy my Battle for Californian supremacy.

Plasma Zero
that kings-sharks series should be good


Plasma Zero

hidsnake watches Canada get Charlie Brown'd by Vegas for Arizona.

Plasma Zero
how many times has bettman charlie brown'd canada at this point?

You know Toronto got 30th this year right? You know what that means?

Plasma Zero
edm wins draft lottery?


Plasma Zero
pretty sure edm could not actually be in the lottery and still win somehow

pretty sure Toronto could have a 100% of getting a #1 pick. They get the 3rd pick and Edmonton would win.

Plasma Zero
/kessel eats a hotdog

Pitt vs NYR is a very interesting series.
Pitt reminds me of 2008 firewagon Caps.

Plasma Zero
are we sure they both cant lose?

MAF is hurt right? He gunna play at all these playoffs?

Plasma Zero
i would settle for a phi-pitt style 7-6 fight fest series

I see Rags taking it 4-3 in a brutally physical series.

Plasma Zero
its a push like the chi-stl series. its gonna be close

Well, Pitt is going in as the hottest team in the league. But the Rags are a horrible matchup.
I suspect most goals will end up be transitiony breakaways, which you would think that Pitt has the advantage as they have been thriving off these kinds of goals of late. But I expect the Rags to play super passive and look to breakup the rushes and score on counters.

Plasma Zero
is lundy healthy?

Fleury has a concussion. who knows when he comes back.leaves Pitt with the epic goaltending tandem of Tristan Jarry and Jeff Zatkoff.

Plasma Zero
does having a concussion make it easier or harder to catch a beachball?

speaking of terrible goalies who somehow have hardware, Neuvy is injured for Philly, so Steve Mason is starting against the Caps.

Plasma Zero
oh man i was hoping for emery

is emery still in philly? i was certain he went baack to russia

Plasma Zero
he came back like two weeks ago on some low-rent contract


Plasma Zero

as much as i hate the flyers, Broad Street Hockey is awesome. well run blog/fansite.
but ya, makes it sound like Neuvy is pretty banged up, when is he expected back?

Plasma Zero
no clue
im surprised that mason has survived this long in the goalie wasteland

winning a vezina means you are good.
said Jim Carey and Steve Mason.
wait, he didn't win the vezina? for some reason it hought he did.
in 08. he just to the calder.

Plasma Zero
nah, he just completely carried that lumbus team

and lost 0-4 in the series.
either way, i suspect Caps maul Phiily.

Plasma Zero

Well this has devolved enough for now, lets make some picks, with the help of Dike Dilbury.


Eastern Conference

Florida Panthers vs. New York Islanders
hidsnake - Isles will not be intimidated by flying plastic rats, as they are too use to seeing actual rats in Nassau Coliseum. Youth of the Panthers doesn't hold up to the more experienced Islanders. Spacey goes back to Earth. Isles
Plasma Zero - jagr uses old man mullet powers. Panthers
Dike Dilbury - Teh Islanders will use the power of Rick DePeitro, the greatest goalie to ever grace an NHL contract to victory. I'd like to point out that Zedno Chara didn't make the playoffs with the Bruins. Isles

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Detroit Red Wings
hidsnake - IDK. I'll take Red Wings on Datsyuk retirement playoff run. Red Wings
Plasma Zero - complete tossup but take lightning. Lightning
Dike Dilbury - Datsyuk isn't retiring. He's trying to get more money out of the cash strapped Red Wing organization. Typical Russian. Lightning

Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers
hidsnake - Go Flyers. Caps
Plasma Zero - Go Flyers. Caps
Dike Dilbury - You guys are funny. Do you even know me? Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers
hidsnake - Rags play tough against Pens newly found transition game. Rags
Plasma Zero - cant they both lose? or go away? send them to canada. Rags
Dike Dilbury - Has Torts left New York yet? That guy scares me. /standsbehindCrosby. Pens

Western Conference

Dallas Stars vs. Minnesota Wild
hidsnake - Massacre. Stars
Plasma Zero - dal. minn made the playoffs? Stars
Dike Dilbury - I don't expect much from this year's Minnesota North Stars team. Too much offense and not enough defense. I'll take the other guys in Dallas. Wild

St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks
hidsnake - Man. Talk about a series. I'll take the Blues based off recent performance, but this is a tossup. Blues
Plasma Zero - chi, kane does dirty things to goalies. Blackhawks
Dike Dilbury - Previous results in playoffs has direct relation to playoff success. Guarantee right here. Blackhawks

Anahiem Duck vs. Nashville Predator
hidsnake - Ducks are best team in NHL that aren't Caps. Ducks
Plasma Zero - gabby wins. Ducks
Dike Dilbury - Big hulking defenders are the most important players in the playoffs. Bruce Boudreau can't teach defense. He can't teach winners. Go back to the AHL. Preds

Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks
hidsnake - Kings are good, but I'll take Sharks to shock everyone and make it out of the first round. Sharks
Plasma Zero - kings with more thronton flashbacks. Kings
Dike Dilbury - Never bet on Joe Thornton. He's never there. Kings