Magic Monies - 4/4/16

I'll work on the format of this next time. I typically write it up in a Google doc before copying here. I recognize this didn't come out how I pleased, So I'll make an effort to clean it up next time.

I’m writing this up just as the Bannings/Unbannings are being announced. I’m sure I’ll talk about that next week as my data isn’t really reflective of the changes. For those not in the know:

  • Modern banned [mtg_card]Eye of Ugin[/mtg_card] and unbanned [mtg_card]Ancestral Vision[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Sword of the Meek[/mtg_card].

    • Vintage put [mtg_card]Lodestone Golem[/mtg_card] on restricted list.

First Monday of the month, so All Time Highs/Lows posted at bottom.

[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] is an interesting card right now. Considering what we’ve seen from printings out of Wizards, it seems like we may never see a 1CMC mana dork ever again, particularly a [mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card]. While I’m being slightly sarcastic here, this is a card that looks like Wizards is specifically avoiding reprinting. So this has led to the card slowly creeping up the past year. Only recently (the past 2-3 months) has it really started to take off. While it don’t get much play in Legacy, it’s almost necessary for Kiki Chord in Modern to handle its obnoxious manabase. In short, if you play decks that need a dork, now is probably the best time to get your [mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card]. It will probably continue to slowly rise over the next year or so.

Random speculations of reserved list cards strikes again. Making the biggest winners of the lotto being [mtg_card]Squandered Resources[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Pendrell Mists[/mtg_card]. Two terrible cards no one plays.

Good bit of speculation on new and old card pending the next set, Shadows over Innistrad. Four notables:

    • [mtg_card]Westvale Abbey[/mtg_card] - This spike was sudden. What was a $5 card exploded into $20 card before settling on $17. From what I’ve been hearing on various podcasts (Mostly Brainstorm Brewery for interested parties), various pro team have been going to the dealers who sponsor them asking for full sets. Dealers then proceeded to markup the price, which came only with significant demand. I think this card is good and should see play. Full set though? Not so sure on that. Fits nicely in Mono-Blue Eldrazi right now.

    • [mtg_card]Archangel of Tithes[/mtg_card] - I’m just assuming that the format is going to be much more suitable for a card like this where players are playing a creature heavy meta. Seems fair enough to me. Blue looks pretty bad in Shadows over Innistrad. I don’t think [mtg_card]Jace, Vryn's Prodigy[/mtg_card] got much help. Should help alleviate issues with control and spell heavy meta.

    • [mtg_card]Mindwrack Demon[/mtg_card] - This card isn’t good and I don’t understand this price increase. I’ll just assume mythic taxing.

    • [mtg_card]Declaration in Stone[/mtg_card] - Seems like a good removal spell against tokens, while in a pinch can take out a troublesome creature. But is it $7? I don’t think so. I do expect it to see some play. Looks to be quite a few good token producers in Standard.

Cheap Pickups:

    • [mtg_card]Pernicious Deed[/mtg_card] - $5.50

    • [mtg_card]Nissa, Vastwood Seer[/mtg_card] - $15

    • [mtg_card]Dark Confidant[/mtg_card] - $41.50. Now is a decent time to get your Bobs. With Eldrazi getting banned in Modern, should open up some Jundy midrange goodness.

    • [mtg_card]Soulfire Grand Master[/mtg_card] - $6. I like this card for Modern in burn mirrors, but I’d hold off till it rotates out.

    • [mtg_card]Council's Judgment[/mtg_card] - $6

    • [mtg_card]True-Name Nemesis[/mtg_card] - $14.50

    • [mtg_card]Grindstone[/mtg_card] - $12.50

    • [mtg_card]Containment Priest[/mtg_card] - $7.50

    • [mtg_card]Vendilion Clique[/mtg_card] - $35. I would put this in the same category as Bob, but since you play less in a deck, the price won’t go up nearly as much as I suspect Bob to do.

    • [mtg_card]Splinter Twin[/mtg_card] - $5. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. /fingerguns

Weekly Highs

[mtg_card]Squandered Resources[/mtg_card] (*)$7$0.75
[mtg_card]Pendrell Mists[/mtg_card] (*)$9.50$1.75
[mtg_card]Westvale Abbey[/mtg_card]$17$4.75
[mtg_card]Archangel of Tithes[/mtg_card]$19.50$6
[mtg_card]Mindwrack Demon[/mtg_card]$7.50$3
[mtg_card]Declaration in Stone[/mtg_card]$7$3.25
[mtg_card]Ancestral Vision[/mtg_card] (DD: Jace vs. Chandra)$23.50$17
[mtg_card]Mirror Universe[/mtg_card] (*)$54$41
[mtg_card]Cultural Exchange[/mtg_card]$3$2.25
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (5th)$9$7
[mtg_card]Conspiracy [/mtg_card](Timeshifted)$4$3
Thalia’s Lieutenant$2.75$2.25
Ancestral Vision (Time Spiral)$22.50$18
Hell’s Caretaker (9th)$6$4.75
[mtg_card]Archangel Avacyn[/mtg_card]$30$24.50


Weekly Lows

[mtg_card]Cryptolith Rite[/mtg_card]$4.25$6


All Time Highs

[mtg_card]Dryad Arbor[/mtg_card] (Future Sight)$12
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (M11)$7.50
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (Ravnica)$7.50
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (6th)$7.50
[mtg_card]Birds of Paradise[/mtg_card] (5th)$9.50
[mtg_card]Ancestral Vision[/mtg_card] (Time Spiral)$22.50
[mtg_card]Ancestral Vision[/mtg_card] (DD: Jace vs. Chandra)$23.50
[mtg_card]Ancestral Vision [/mtg_card](DD: Anthology)$21.50
[mtg_card]Boseiju, Who Shelters All[/mtg_card]$20
[mtg_card]Reveillark[/mtg_card] (Morningtide)$7.50
[mtg_card]Reveillark[/mtg_card] (MM)$9
[mtg_card]Leyline of the Void[/mtg_card] (Guildpact)$9.50
[mtg_card]Plateau[/mtg_card] (Unlimited)$142
[mtg_card]Glimpse the Unthinkable[/mtg_card]$31
[mtg_card]Underground Sea[/mtg_card] (Unlimited)$574
[mtg_card]Celestial Colonnade[/mtg_card]$28
[mtg_card]Academy Ruins[/mtg_card] (Time Spiral)$19.50
[mtg_card]Lord of Atlantis[/mtg_card] (Unlimited)$10
[mtg_card]Razorverge Thicket[/mtg_card]$9.50
[mtg_card]Tundra[/mtg_card] (Unlimited)$349
[mtg_card]Visions of Beyond[/mtg_card]$7.50
[mtg_card]Bayou[/mtg_card] (Unlimited)$261.50
[mtg_card]Oboro, Palace in the Clouds[/mtg_card]$23
[mtg_card]Taiga[/mtg_card] (Unlimited)$154
[mtg_card]Life from the Loam[/mtg_card] (MM)$10.50
[mtg_card]Infernal Tutor[/mtg_card]$19.50
[mtg_card]Path to Exile[/mtg_card] (Conflux)$9.50


All Time Lows

[mtg_card]Pernicious Deed[/mtg_card] (Apocalypse)$5.50
[mtg_card]Dark Confidant[/mtg_card] (MM)$41.50
[mtg_card]Council's Judgment[/mtg_card]$6
[mtg_card]True-Name Nemesis[/mtg_card]$14.50
[mtg_card]Energy Field[/mtg_card]$6
[mtg_card]Containment Priest[/mtg_card]$7.50