NHL Playoffs Predictions Round 2: With Picks by Guest Dike Dilbury


Here with me is Plasma Zero to discuss this insanity of these playoffs and add in picks for the second round. Dike Dilbury was too busy tossing shoes to be involved with the chat but did make picks with us and gave a quick reasoning for his picks.

(FYI: We are unabashed Caps fans)

Plasma Zero
god damn my picks were horrible last round. 50% means I am the functional equivalent of flipping a coin.
Isles-lightning: Apparently the NHL hates this series. I blame Isles existence for this fact.

Isle v Lightning is a total sacrifice game. Neither has a chance in the following round.

Plasma Zero

"WE WON" /getsrunoverbytrain


Plasma Zero
i think the blues are clear favorite in the west. i dont think preds or sharks stand a chance against them.

I think Blues blow out the Stars.
like 4-1.They a way better built team than the Stars.I would also take to take a moment to say that I offically hate the preds for ruining Rd.2 of Battle for California.

Plasma Zero
i still trying to figure out which western state nashville is in? colorado? utah? alaska?

And we wonder why NHL wants a team in Vegas.

Plasma Zero
"And we wonder why NHL wants an EXPANSION team in Vegas" FTFY

But seriously. Preds beat Ducks? I'm kinda still in shock.
Does this mean Corey Perry doesn't make the World Cup for Canada?

Plasma Zero
he loses his citizenship.

Do you think Playoff MAF makes a comeback for the Pens?

Plasma Zero
we can only hope.

I predict many a goals.

Plasma Zero
look the caps should have at least another 12 addition goals against the flyers had not been for neuvy doing a halak.


hidsnake hides in a corner

Plasma Zero
if pens give the caps too much any pp time, they are doomed.

If anyone gives anyone time on PP I expect a goal. Both team PP is insane.

Plasma Zero
caps second line needs to score some goals
kuz and bura have been in a drought lately

3rd and 4th have been good, but the 2nd needs to score. I thought Kuz has played well with the puck, even without points, but Bura has been in full stealth mode.

Plasma Zero
bura was great jan-feb but cooled off suddenly
also over/under number of skinner crosby hissy fits: 2

Over by 50 miles
over/under on straight line brawls caused by Wilson: 1.5

Plasma Zero
define 'caused by wilson'......wait nevermind it doesnt matter OVER

IT'S OVER 9000

Plasma Zero
if only he could score goals as well as he punches people

One day Wilson will become resonable ok.

Plasma Zero
lets aim lower: one day he will score more goals than beagle

hidsnake cries

And with that, I'm done talking about hockey. You made me too damn depressed.

Plasma Zero


Plasma Zero

wait. shit.

Plasma Zero

First round is worth 1 point per pick. Second is worth 2. Conference Finals worth 3. Finals worth 4.

TeamshidsnakePlasma ZeroDike Dilbury
Panthers vs. IslandersOXO
Lightning vs. Red WingsXOO
Capitals vs. FlyersOOX
Penguins vs. RangersXXO
Stars vs. WildOOX
Blues vs. BlackhawksOXX
Ducks vs. PredatorsXXO
Kings vs. SharksOXX


Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders
hidsnake: This series is the Sasuke of hockey series. There is no meaning to in its life or its existence. Either winner will die in the conference finals. I’ll take Lightning. Bishop was stellar in the series against the Panthers. Lightning
Plasma Zero: I think this match-up is mostly a toss-up but I give a slight edge to the lightning. At least the winner of this series get the supreme honor of getting stomped by the caps-pens winner. Lightning
Dike Dilbury: I made the Islanders great again. Rick DePeitro for life. Islanders

Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
hidsnake: This series actually gives me some worries. The Pens have become a transition heavy team and will play against the Caps who are a possession heavy team. Typically this means that getting through the neutral zone effectively is important for both sides. Expect it to get pretty ugly between the blue lines. Caps
Plasma Zero: i hate this series. This is going to be set of tight games that will ultimately make me question existence why I watch hockey at all. The aggressive style of play the pens have adopted since phil kessel ate too many hotdogs and got their original coached has worked well for them and completely embarrassed the rags. I dont think the pens can score on the caps pk so most of their goals will come in transition. Caps pp will score on <insert random pens goalie here> regardless of what the pens pk does. Caps win. I curl into the fetal position at least 4 times. Caps
Dike Dilbury: I like the Caps this year. Barry has made them very good this year. But I can’t go against my alone time hand and Sidney Crosby. Pens

Western Conference

Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues
hidsnake: Stars defense is filled with underappreciated and undersized puck moving skaters. Something that the hard charging, board battling giants of Blues forwards can abuse. I suspect that the series will be super physical from the Blues and that won’t work to the advantage of the Stars. Blues
Plasma Zero: This is a going to be a good series. These two really good teams. The stars had zero reason to have as much trouble putting the wild out of their misery than they did in the first round. Meanwhile the blues managed to survive through the game-winning powers of troy brouwer (did I really just say that? what world is this?). I think the blues manage to pull out another close 7 game series. Blues
Dike Dilbury: After the great hard-fought series win against the Blues, I suspect the playoff tempered Blackhawks get past the ill prepared Stars. They are just that good. Blackhawks (Ed. Note: After telling Dilbury that the Blackhawks actually lost he called me a liar and refused to fix his pick. I got an email an hour later saying take the Blues and don’t publish what he said before. I told him I’d strike it from the record. Moron.) Blues

San Jose Sharks vs. Nashville Predators
hidsnake: POUND THE FUCKING BODY. Ok seriously. I was really impressed with the Preds in the last series against the Ducks. Pekka Rinne is in godlike form right now. I by that I mean freaking gigantic. It’s impossible to put pucks behind that frame. I’ll go ahead and take them over the Sharks. Preds
Plasma Zero: HOLY SHIT THE SHARKS BEAT THE KINGS. THE GHOST OF JOE THORTON CAN REST PEACEFULLY NOW. This is another close tossup series for me. I think the sharks are slightly better than the preds and that the pred wont be able to win by just pounding the body. Sharks
Dike Dilbury: So what if the Sharks made it out of the first round? Joe Thornton is still terrible in playoffs. Had Edmonton made the playoffs they would beat these Sharks. Preds