Magic Monies - 12/9/16

Short week. Kinda in the lull in Standard. If people are actually playing Standard.

Weekly Highs

[mtg_card]The Chain Veil[/mtg_card]  Magic 2015 (M15)$6.25$2.10197.60%
[mtg_card]The Chain Veil[/mtg_card]  Magic 2015 (M15)X$22.50$9.75130.80%
[mtg_card]Master Transmuter[/mtg_card]  ConfluxX$31.50$14.42118.50%
[mtg_card]Sleight of Hand[/mtg_card]  9th EditionX$55.00$28.0196.40%
[mtg_card]Thieves' Auction[/mtg_card]  Mercadian Masques$2.71$1.5673.70%
[mtg_card]Hide // Seek[/mtg_card]  DissensionX$10.49$6.1869.70%
[mtg_card]Chromatic Lantern[/mtg_card]  Commander 2016$9.62$5.9860.90%
[mtg_card]Aetherworks Marvel[/mtg_card]  Kaladesh$7.99$4.9960.10%
[mtg_card]Shapesharer[/mtg_card]  LorwynX$7.88$4.9957.90%
[mtg_card]Flickerwisp[/mtg_card]  EventideX$22.49$14.9550.40%
[mtg_card]Time Sieve[/mtg_card]  Alara Reborn$12.42$8.6244.10%
[mtg_card]Master Transmuter[/mtg_card]  Conflux$12.42$8.9938.20%
[mtg_card]Ghost Quarter[/mtg_card]  DissensionX$51.50$37.5137.30%
[mtg_card]Contagion Engine[/mtg_card]  Scars of Mirrodin$12.28$8.9936.60%
[mtg_card]Nim Deathmantle[/mtg_card]  Scars of Mirrodin$4.23$3.2430.60%
[mtg_card]Umbral Mantle[/mtg_card]  ShadowmoorX$9.49$7.4826.90%
[mtg_card]Isamaru, Hound of Konda[/mtg_card]  Champions of KamigawaX$22.68$17.8826.90%
[mtg_card]Living Plane[/mtg_card] (*)  Legends$103.00$81.6926.10%
[mtg_card]Bear Umbra[/mtg_card]  Rise of the EldraziX$8.32$6.6624.90%
[mtg_card]Chance Encounter[/mtg_card]  OdysseyX$9.70$7.9122.60%
[mtg_card]Doubling Season[/mtg_card]  RavnicaX$115.48$95.0021.60%
[mtg_card]Idyllic Tutor[/mtg_card]  MorningtideX$48.99$40.4921.00%
[mtg_card]Fortune Thief[/mtg_card]  Time SpiralX$11.99$9.9121.00%


Weekly Lows

[mtg_card]Chancellor of the Annex[/mtg_card]  New PhyrexiaX$38.00$70.00-45.70%
[mtg_card]Doubling Season[/mtg_card]  Modern MastersX$80.99$144.99-44.10%
[mtg_card]Al-abara's Carpet[/mtg_card] (*)  Legends$5.96$9.53-37.50%
[mtg_card]Shadowblood Ridge[/mtg_card]  OdysseyX$10.49$15.99-34.40%
[mtg_card]Krark-Clan Ironworks[/mtg_card]  Fifth DawnX$9.58$13.83-30.70%
[mtg_card]Ydwen Efreet[/mtg_card]  Arabian Nights$6.86$9.59-28.50%
[mtg_card]Statecraft[/mtg_card]  Mercadian Masques$7.07$9.80-27.90%
[mtg_card]Strip Mine[/mtg_card] [Even Horizon]  Antiquities$15.99$20.87-23.40%
[mtg_card]Arcum Dagsson[/mtg_card]  Coldsnap$18.96$24.71-23.30%
[mtg_card]Surgical Extraction[/mtg_card]  New PhyrexiaX$11.05$14.37-23.10%

(*) - Reserve list


The big winner this week is [mtg_card]The Chain Veil[/mtg_card]. This card always had some decent potential for a spike being so Plainswalker-centric. So with [mtg_card]Atraxa, Praetors' Voice[/mtg_card] release, this was pretty much destiny. Also included in the Atraxa related boostings is the continued rise of both [mtg_card]Contagion Engine[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Doubling Season[/mtg_card]. It's worth noting the the price on the foil Modern Master's version is worth WAY less than the Ravnica version. This is because Modern Masters had a foil card in every pack. So it's quite possible that there are more Modern Masters foils for Doubling Season than there are Ravnica versions.

[mtg_card]Master Transmuter[/mtg_card] continues it's rise. From last week, not much to say here. I would attribute her continued rise to the surprise popularity of [mtg_card]Breya, Etherium Shaper[/mtg_card].

Lastly, some actual Standard talk. Turn outs that the all in [mtg_card]Aetherworks Marvel[/mtg_card] decks have become more midrang-y Aetherworks Marvel decks. So the card is fairly popular right now, giving it some decent boost on the market.