BQBL 2016-2017: Week 17 and Regular Season Awards

And so, we've reached the end of the of another season of BQBL, and oh what a fantastical season it has been. Once we give thanks to the wonders that is always Week 17 in BQBL (THE RAMS USED 4 DIFFERENT QBS), we will reward the greatest players in BQBL for the 2016-2017.

This Week's Top 3:

3. Matt McGloin - Oakland Raiders: 117 Points

Huh. Methinks the Raiders are in trouble this weekend. That said, they are lined up against Houston...oh god...a Fate Worse than Death matchup in the NFL Playoffs. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!?

Anyway, McGloin was knocked out of the game and replaced by...digs through notes...Connor Cook. He finished 6/11 with 21 yards. Thats right, 21 yards in 11 pass attempts. That's a 1.9 yards per pass attempt average. /thumbsup. Here's your Nick Foles award for Passing Yards and Yards per Pass Attempt. Really it deserves something better, but I really have nothing for someone who managed 1.9 yards per pass attempt.  Worse than Ohio St award? Is that a thing?


2. Matt Barkley - Chicago Bears: 138 Points

Barkley was benched this game. This made me sad. Because Matt Barkley is really bad. He had a fumble returned for a TD to go along with his 2 INT and got the Nick Foles award for Passing Yards. While we are on the subject of Bears, who is David Fales? This was a theme this week. QBs who I've never heard of.


1. EJ Manuel - Buffalo Bills: 144 Points

Lol. The Bills actually thought EJ Manuel is a better QB than Tyrod Taylor? That's adorable. Wait. They want to let Tyrod Taylor walk? Do they think Kirk Cousins is on the market? It's pretty impressive when your ownership actually looks dumber than Cleveland and San Francisco.

Anyway, back to EJ. He, like many this week was benched for some named Cardale Jones, aka not Tyrod Taylor, and went 9/20 for 86 yards. Somehow that doesn't get you the Nick Foles Completion Rate award (GOD NICK FOLES WAS BAD) but does get you the Nick Foles Passing Yards award.

The BQBL Season in Review Awards
These are the awards you get for showing up.

  • BQBL Award for Worst Single Game Performance by a QB (And didn't even get benched): Ryan Fitzpatrick - Week 3 with 163 points

HE THREW SIX INTs. SIX. I have no idea how some gets to play enough football to threw 6 picks in a single game.

  • BQBL Award for Worst Single Game Performance by a Team: TIE Chicago Bears - Week 7 and New York Jets - Week 13 with 228 points

In Week 7, Brain Hoyer was injured and replaced with Matt Barkley. They combined for 10/26 with 130 yards and 2 INTs. I think Barkley hit the season low in QBR this game with 18.3.

In Week 13, Ryan Fitzpatrick was FINALLY benched for Bryce Petty who was...better? Question mark? They combined for 16/37 with 216 yards and 3 INTs.

  • BQBL Award for Actually Getting Dick Pic'd: Tom Brady - Week 3

I don't want to talk about it.

  • BQBL Award for Worst Quarterback in the League with Small Sample Size: Jared Goff with 95 points per game average

I needed to give Jared Goff some credit here. He actually finished 9th in total points for the season despite only playing SEVEN GAMES.

  • BQBL Award for Most QBs Used Over a Season: Cleveland Browns with 7 QBs

  • BQBL Award for Worst QB on the Browns: Robert Griffin with 74 points per game average

Expect more Browns callouts later.

  • BQBL Award for Sam Bradford Survivability: Cody Kessler with 3 benchings for injury

There is a reason Terrelle Pryor ripped the linemen of Cleveland a new one.

  • BQBL Award for Most Pulled: TIE Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Fitzpatrick with 2 benchings

That's right you Rodgers nuthuggers. Read it and weep. Your MVP tied for a BQBL award with Pickspatrick.

  • BQBL Award for Best QB That Didn't Make the Playoffs: Kick Cousins with 24 points per game average

Suck it Bomani. jk <3

  • BQBL Award for Worst QB That Made the Playoffs: Brock Osweiler with 68 points per game average

Hey Brock. Don't sit down just yet. I expect to see you back up here.

The BQBL Championship Awards
These are the ones that get you paaaaaaaid.

  • BQBL Award for Overall Team Points Championship: Cleveland Brown with 1356 points

There is some impressive things to note here. One is that the Jets were only 10 points off from beating Cleveland. Second, the highest placing QB for Cleveland managed to get only 28th in rankings. THAT is how many QBs were used by the Browns this year

  • BQBL Award for Most Turnovers For Touchdowns: Marcus Mariota with 5 INTs/fumbles returned for TDs

This is the stat BQBL is made for tracking. And track it we did. I expected more from him through the season, but he made his showing here.

  • BQBL Award for Best QB in NFL: Matt Ryan with 17 points per game average

This is actually damn impressive. His highest week he only managed 34 points. Brock Osweiler managed under 34 points in a 3 times.

  • BQBL Award for Worst QB in NFL: Ryan Fitzpatrick with 68 points per game average

Man, I bet New York is so happy with spending money on Fitzy to come back and lead the team after a decent year last season. Goes to show the MLB Free Agent rule is cross sport. Never trust the stats of a player in a contract year.

  • BQBL Award for Overall Individual Points Championship: Brock Osweiler with 959 points

And there you have it. Your BQBL Champion, Brock Osweiler. Has a QB ever won the BQBL Championship and made the playoffs? Gotta love that division. He narrowly squeaked by Fitzpatrick in the final week to beat him out by 13 points. These two pretty much lapped the field in Week 15 and finished over 150 points ahead of third place, Blake Bortles with 795 points. Nick Foles can now rest easy knowing that he no longer has to carry the load of the worst QB in football for next season.

Individual/Team Scores

Team Fantasy Scores