Magic Monies - 12/16/16

Another short week. Welcome to the holidays. Buy Commander products.

Weekly Highs

[mtg_card]Bastion Protector[/mtg_card]  Commander 2015$6.90$2.11227.00%
[mtg_card]Sudden Shock[/mtg_card]  Modern Masters$2.47$1.10124.60%
[mtg_card]Sudden Shock[/mtg_card]  Time Spiral$2.00$1.0492.30%
[mtg_card]Strip Mine[/mtg_card] [Even Horizon]  Antiquities$23.21$15.9945.20%
[mtg_card]Slate of Ancestry[/mtg_card]  Duel Decks: Anthology$2.67$1.9735.50%
[mtg_card]Reanimate[/mtg_card]  Tempest$16.33$12.4231.50%
[mtg_card]Bloom Tender[/mtg_card]  Eventide$27.19$21.2927.70%
[mtg_card]Snuff Out[/mtg_card]  Duel Decks: Anthology$2.21$1.7824.20%
[mtg_card]Thieves' Auction[/mtg_card]  8th Edition$2.11$1.7024.10%
[mtg_card]Ajani Steadfast[/mtg_card]  Magic 2015 (M15)$10.26$8.3722.60%
[mtg_card]Krark-Clan Ironworks[/mtg_card]  Fifth Dawn$10.40$8.5022.40%
[mtg_card]Avatar of Slaughter[/mtg_card]  Commander$2.65$2.1722.10%
[mtg_card]Krark-Clan Ironworks[/mtg_card]  Fifth DawnX$22.00$9.58129.70%
[mtg_card]Fabricate[/mtg_card]  MirrodinX$12.11$6.3092.20%
[mtg_card]Sudden Shock[/mtg_card]  Modern MastersX$7.50$4.0087.50%
[mtg_card]Repercussion[/mtg_card]  Urza's DestinyX$17.47$12.1743.60%
[mtg_card]Gideon Jura[/mtg_card]  Rise of the EldraziX$20.63$14.8039.40%
[mtg_card]Relentless Rats[/mtg_card]  Magic 2010 (M10)X$4.10$2.9539.00%
[mtg_card]Lord of Atlantis[/mtg_card]  7th EditionX$76.99$55.5738.60%
[mtg_card]Replenish[/mtg_card] (*)  Urza's DestinyX$71.59$51.8838.00%
[mtg_card]Ajani Steadfast[/mtg_card]  Magic 2015 (M15)X$17.09$12.9432.10%
[mtg_card]Countersquall[/mtg_card]  ConfluxX$9.49$7.3329.50%
[mtg_card]Herald of Leshrac[/mtg_card]  ColdsnapX$9.98$7.8427.30%
[mtg_card]Mishra's Bauble[/mtg_card]  ColdsnapX$69.86$54.9827.10%
[mtg_card]Ward of Bones[/mtg_card]  EventideX$9.75$7.8025.00%
[mtg_card]Kira, Great Glass-Spinner[/mtg_card]  Betrayers of KamigawaX$29.33$24.2321.10%
[mtg_card]Garruk, Apex Predator[/mtg_card]  Magic 2015 (M15)X$19.75$16.4220.30%

Weekly Lows

[mtg_card]Yahenni's Expertise[/mtg_card]  Aether Revolt$6.95$8.97-22.50%
[mtg_card]The Chain Veil[/mtg_card]  Magic 2015 (M15)$4.99$6.25-20.20%
[mtg_card]Sleight of Hand[/mtg_card]  9th EditionX$21.00$55.00-61.80%
[mtg_card]Thorn of Amethyst[/mtg_card]  LorwynX$45.00$74.00-39.20%
[mtg_card]Ghost Quarter[/mtg_card]  DissensionX$37.85$51.50-26.50%

(*) - Reserve List


The big winners this week are [mtg_card]Bastion Protector[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Sudden Shock[/mtg_card]. I remember when Sudden Shock was a popular card to kill off win conditions against blue decks in Modern looking to score tempo kills. With the unbanning of [mtg_card]Ancestral Vision[/mtg_card], I suppose this is probably decent card now to stop Grixis, Sultai, and Jeskai Delver decks from doing their thing. Would look at it to be a possible reprint target in Modern Masters 2017, so If you have any sell fast. The main reason for this is that the Split Second mechanic is difficult to fit into a set that isn't a form of reprint or Master series. If I was to squeeze it into a set, it would be Modern Masters since it doesn't see play really anywhere else. Bastion Protector is another card I suspect on of these years will get a reprint. But obviously that would only be in Commander pre-built decks. If I've learned anything about these decks in the current MTG world, it take quite a few printings in pre-builts to really kill a price.

[mtg_card]Reanimate[/mtg_card] is a card that is going to keep a slow climb up the ladder. The emergence of Legacy BR Reanimator as a (relatively) cheap entry into Legacy should keep it floating.

/reads[mtg_card]Bloom Tender[/mtg_card]. Oh, I get it. 4C Commander decks were released. And is from Eventide. No really, this is all that need to happen to make this a $25 card. Be a Commander staple in low print set.

A Bold New Frontier:

It would seem that it's becoming more commonly thought that Frontier is going to be a legit format in competitive MTG communities. Most report out of Japan is that the format has overtaken Legacy(!) in terms of popularity since it is being backed by Hareruya, which you can consider to be the SCG of Japan. So what does this mean for the future should this format gain traction outside Japan, or even better, become a sanctioned format by Wizards? The answer, like it always is, is to invest in the manabases. If you haven't gotten you Khans block fetchlands, 1) WHY HAVEN'T YOU ALREADY?! and 2) I would probably do so now. I would also get into the battlelands and the Battle block manlands. From our current configuration of manabases for the format, these are clearly the most important and expensive. You can wait till post rotation, but that would be risking Wizards diving into the format and be left behind on the investment.

Other cards to look out for our the staples that truly rules the standard formats they were in. So that would be your [mtg_card]Jace, Vryn's Prodigy[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]Collected Company[/mtg_card], and [mtg_card]Siege Rhino[/mtg_card]. Jace might be a tad pricey now, but considering he get play in pretty much every eternal format it's still not a bad investment.

I would want to recommend [mtg_card]Liliana, the Last Hope[/mtg_card]. She is pretty ridiculous in my testing of the format, but her price is far higher than I would want to risk on. I would wait till she rotates out before throwing money down on her. Or at least wait till she falls below $20 (Which I wouldn't expect until rotation anyway).

Other powerful cards in the format include [mtg_card]Dig Through Time[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Rally the Ancestors[/mtg_card]. The problem with these two card is one is banned in most eternal formats while the other is just bad. But they are key tools in the decks an dirt cheap now. They would really need Frontiers to take off to turn a profit.


  1. PS - Forgot to add. Siege Rhino has been the top mover on TCGPlayer for the past week or so. Even if you don't believe that Frontiers is going to be a format, there are plenty out there who do.


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