BQBL 2016-2017: Week 9

Remeber how I complained last week we had a down week in BQBL? Well this week was even worse.

This Week’s Top 3:

3. Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders: 62 points

Derek Carr has managed to go through most of this season playing actually well. So color me surprised to see him show up this week. He finished the day with 2 INTs and an Alex Smith Special of no passes over 25 yards.


2. Ryan Fitzpatrick - New York Jets: 63 points

Pickspatrick continued to do what Pickspatrick does. Throw picks. He ran out two picks and somehow that was actually it. If he continues to throw pick after pick, I don't think he starts too much longer.


1. Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles: 66 points

Really rough game for the rook. No TDs and a nice 2 picks. Really not much to talk about when no player gets more than 75 points.

Individual Points Top 10:

PlayerTeamOverallWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9
Ryan FitzpatrickNYJ5846331638331105353863
Brock OsweilerHOU47934389441881911055
Case KeenumLAR47214841541173139240
Tyrod TaylorBUF429721082285234309625
Marcus MariotaTEN38563258073201647061
Jameis WinstonTAM379101314210112163829
Andrew LuckIND35761083646153166742
Joe FlaccoBAL3492338702345447531
Blaine GabbertSFO343346610027116
Carson PalmerARI3379912345375064

Pickspatrick holds firm in the top slot while Blaine Gabbert barely holds his slot int he top 10.

Team Fantasy Point

Player/TeamOverallWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9
Notice Me Vince Young Senpai
Mark Sanchez3030
Matt Stafford239340198231392131
Jameis Winston379101314210112163829
Sam Bradford169123606703312
Alex Smith2721982124429680
Trevor Siemian321623963442326541
Carson Wentz320123202561853966
Total Points173010633611526174135218276209
Season Score1379932539722768132187184138
Deep and True Hottaeks
Brock Osweiler47934389441881911055
Ryan Tannehill325442043508626947
Colin Kaepernick160499318
Jay Cutler13143799
Blake Bortles3232543942727551240
Jared Goff0
Blaine Gabbert343346610027116
Total Points176118024633114529012126776105
Season Score154112118328811829010225876105

Rean gets only 3 players to get points and I can only manage to get 30 points back against him. This is stupid.

What to Watch in Week 10:

Before I start, I'd like to point out just how many terrible games are this week. Browns/Ravens, Vikings/Redskins, Packers/Titans, 49ers/Cardinals all don't even make the list this week.


Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jay Cutler had an actually good game last week. This is not the norm. Do not expect this to continue. He's Jay Cutler man.


Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Jets

Pickspatrick games have become must watch BQBL specials anymore. And against the offensively impotent Rams? Ya, this one was easy.


Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


Individual Scores

Team Scores